Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Import Export Business Resouce Added To

NEW IMPORT EXPORT INTERNATIONAL TRADE RESOURCE: This is the first NEW Import Export Business resource we have added to our website in nearly two years and it is one we are very excited about - VIDEOS that are targeted specifically to Importing - Exporting - Customs - International Trade.  

The site is a sub-domain of and it has just gone live.  I would like to ask your help since it is FREE to you and has been established for your benefit and unlimited use.  The favor is to notify us of any and all videos that may not be specific or appropriate to B2B and Global Trade.

The video compiling software is not infallible and it pulls videos from various platforms but due to some video producers mislabeling their videos or for whatever reason, some of the videos need to be manually deleted and that is where you can help us.  Just use the contact form to notify us of the URL or name of the video and if we agree that it does not belong in this venue, it will be deleted. We have already edited out over 700 videos but there are still another 700+ Import Export Global B2B videos available with new videos added every few days.

Go check out our NEW video section NOW (we look forward to your feedback):  Import Export Business Videos 

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Monday, January 20, 2014


During the recent recession, companies that were selling to foreign markets fared better than those who only sold domestically. Is exporting part of your business strategy? If not, you should look closer into the benefits of exporting and how it can help your business grow and become more resilient to changes in the economy. If you are already exporting, to what new countries will you be introducing your products in 2014? 

For more helpful information about starting or expanding your Export market share in 2014, Click Here.


Is your company missing out on a $2-4 billion market?  Then selling to NATO is a market you should be looking into.

I know this is a short notice but there is going to be a Webinar on Thursday, 23 January 2014 titled "Selling To NATO".

If you have never considered this market place then the following facts might assist you making the decision to research it further:

  • NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with an annual spending budget of US$2-4 billion.
  • NATO buys a vast range of products and services, not just IT and defense hardware. They procure everything from sponges to consulting services.
  • NATO is going through a procurement reform; instead of 14 procurement agencies, there will only be three. “Early adapters” will benefit the most.
  • NATO sales can only be awarded to NATO member countries which excludes China. This gives a distinct advantage to the United States.

CLICK HERE for more details and registration information.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

BIG Changes To 2014 International Trade Shows

Global Sources (GS) has announced some BIG changes to their Trade Fairs in 2014, offering even better service to the international buyers who visit their fairs in Hong Kong every April & October! Here are a few of changes you will find:

1)     New Mobile & Wireless show
To meet the fast growing demand in the mobile and wireless product industry, GS is  giving buyers and suppliers a separate event to highlight the category and enable them to do business more effectively. 

GS will also be launching the China Sourcing Fair: Mobile & Wireless at Hong Kong in April 2014. The new show will showcase more than 800 booths at launch, with the latest in smartphones and tablets, accessories, mobile apps and applications, and wireless devices. 

2)     New show dates, more selection & more synergy
The trade shows at Hong Kong are all going to get bigger and better.
While the Mobile & Wireless show will be a specialized show within the Electronics & Components show in April 2014, it will become a separate show in October 2014. The trade show dates will also allow buyers to attend this along with the Electronics & Components show in the same trip, with the latter getting even bigger in the key areas of consumer electronics & computer products.
April 2014 will also see the Gift & Home Product shows co-locate with the Fashion & Garment shows on April 27-30, 2014. This makes it more convenient for buyers to widen the scope of their sourcing options.
For even greater details about GS China Sourcing Fairs you should watch the following video:
2014 is shaping up to have GREAT potential for international traders and we hope you’ll find this information will be helpful in planning your schedule for the New Year.

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