Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Import Export Business Opportunity

Yes, the import export business is an opportunity. However, the import export business opportunity is far removed from the hundreds or even thousands of what I refer to as “junk” business opportunities that you will find advertised on and off the Internet.

The import export business opportunity requires a dedicated period of learning on your part to become proficient, at the least, in understanding the processes of how an import export business operates.

Does this mean you have to be able to ‘do’ all aspects of exporting or importing to be successful. The answer is NO. But, the more you understand of the processes, the less likely you will be ripped off completely or lose a commission you earned.

Do not be fooled into paying thousands of dollars or more for some course or ‘program’ that “promises” you success – even if they are advertised on Google or other major search engines.


A. Anyone can set up a web site (or multiple ones) for a few dollars per year and have a telephone number that gets you a boiler room sales operator who is highly trained on separating you from your money.

B. Anyone can ‘pay’ to have their advertised listing within Google or Yahoo or MSN’s search engine. The fact they are paying for advertising simply means they know that they are making a lot of money off the people who purchase their expensive ‘programs’ that promise to hold your hand while walking you down the yellow brick road to the enchanted city of being successful.

Let me share a recent email exchange with a potential customer for the Tool Kit training package we offer to train you for success in the import export business opportunity: (this email is on file in our email program)

1.) My first question is for a beginner like myself who has no previous experience in the import export business but wants to earn an income as an agent what are some ways I can go about learning this business the correct way?

My Answer: First, download all our FREE Small Business Resources including free reports and ebook about starting up an exporting business - they are located throughout our web site - if after you have read the ebook you are still interested in pursuing this type of business then the very best course we offer is the Import - Export Tool Kit.The tool kit is advertised in the Ebook and in our web site - first rule of this business or any business is to learn to do your research before taking action.

2.) Also recently I read about a course on that being an agent bringing buyers and sellers together can earn a significant income doing this and would like your opinion on it based on your experiences?

My Answer: There are many different offerings on the Internet - some may be valid, some may not be - there are so many springing up each day, I pay little attention to them any longer. Our Import Export tool kit course costs a few hundred dollars, period.

There are courses on the internet offered for thousands of dollars - SAVE your money. If you are willing to expend $7-8,000 or more for your business, do this - Purchase our Import-Export Toolkit for a few hundred dollars and invest the rest in a certificate of deposit for the next year. At the end of a year you will either be a successful import or export agent/broker or you will not be, but guess what, you will still have almost all of your original money.

Our make money in international trade course (or any course or 'program') will not "guarantee" you success in any field - if they do - grab your wallet and run.

3.) Lastly in terms of being an agent in this business would there be a certain amount of startup capital I'd need to get started?My Answer: Generally if you have a computer, a telephone line, you can get a fax to email line for about $30 a year so basically beyond the training the only other cost I would recommend an expenditure for is a good "paid" trade leads service, either the Export Leads online service we offer. So in answer to your question, if you add up the cost of our make money in international trade course and a subscription to our online export leads and some other basics like a fax number, etc. you can come in under $600 TOTAL.

*** End of this email exchange ***

Another person inquired about an import export business opportunity provider they found on the Internet that stated they would provide the opportunity seeker "guaranteed" accounts. To this person I replied: if this is true, wouldn't it make more sense for the company offering these “guaranteed accounts” to simply hire people at minimum wage (or a little higher) and keep the accounts themselves??

Folks, what I am trying to tell you (not sell you) is USE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE.

If you apply that COMMON SENSE and a little bit of thought processing, wouldn’t you begin to ‘wonder’ just a little bit that if these ‘guaranteed accounts’ were so lucrative why would they be giving them to me? OR, could it just be possible that they are making more profit from taking my $7,000 or $8,000 plus than what these ‘guaranteed’ accounts might be worth (if they really exist at all???)

I don’t know about you, but $7,000 or $8,000 or more is a "LOT" of money. That is a LOT of house payments, groceries, Christmas presents (I guess you can still use the word Christmas??). $7,000 to $8,000 or more is not easy to come by, but you must make the decision of what is worthy of your hard earned dollars. I am sure of one thing, it probably took you a lot of mornings of getting up for work, commuting to work, working long hours at your job and commuting back home again to get those dollars.

What I have tried to do here is simply give you some things that "I" would think about and contemplate before I would give a total stranger $7,000 to $8,000 or more of my hard earned money.

Just a couple more things to think about and check out before deciding who you trust to provide you with training for the import export business opportunity:

1. Be sure to check out their web site thoroughly – visit their site maps and click on all of the links. If you find that many of the links take you to a “Page not found” – that should tell you something, I hope – remember use your common sense?

2. You should also perform a complete "due diligence" on the company or business you are considering handing your hard earned money over to, whether us or them (I know that isn't proper grammer). If you do not understand or know the meaning of “due diligence” go to and look it up.

Quite frankly, if you are too lazy to perform due diligence on an import export business opportunity provider, whether them or ‘us’, you should reconsider, entirely, if you are suited for starting and operating this business or any business. Blunt, yes, but a cold hard fact.

Here is a direct link to the "DUE DILIGENCE" resources that we have posted at our web site – I encourage you to use them to check us out and any other import export business opportunity provider you are considering doing business with.

Consider this a FREE lesson and resource for success in the import export business opportunity and be sure to bookmark it or save it to your own computer. The business resources listed on this page are all independent import export business resources that I have used and continue to use. These business resources will be very useful to you in your import export business.

I am also going to give you one more BIG resource, FREE of Charge, here today before ending my rant.

If you are going to focus on the Export business side of an import export business, one of the BIG things the high prices courses and training programs promise you is access to their super secret database of suppliers and/or manufacturers.

The largest database of USA manufacturers is now online and the last time I checked, access to it was FREE.
You simply have to register and you can search through tens of thousands of manufacturers, by name, products, services, etc.. That web site is

The BIGGEST keys to success in dealing direct with a manufacturer or other potential supplier is having the confidence in knowing two things:

1. That you have viable trade leads (importers/buyers) you can bring to the table.

2. An understanding of the process of exporting so you are not perceived as a rank amateur or what many call a ‘wannabe’ in the industry.

3. Confidence in yourself (this is definitely elevated when you possess number 1 and 2)

Now for you potential Importers.

The primary method I recommend to people for locating a manufacturer or supplier from another country is to contact that country’s embassy and ask to speak or correspond with their on staff trade representative.

Most, if not all, embassies have these personnel on staff and their sole purpose is to help promote trade with companies in their country by helping potential buyers/importers (like you) get in touch with manufacturers in their country.

You can find contact information for just about every embassy located in the USA at

That is my rant for the day. I do not wish to scare you away from the import export business opportunity, but to hopefully help you in making a more ‘informed’ decision about it and about those with whom you are considering entrusting your money and your future.

The import export business is a great business. I will tell you about my first deal in a later post. But, I will tell you that I continue to receive checks to this day from a company that contacted us in 1997 and asked for us to help them develop new overseas markets. We did just that in early 1998 and still receive checks from them to this day.

Hopefully the last paragraph will also dispel those potential critics who I sometimes get phone calls or emails from who say something like “you have never exported or imported, have you”. The answer to that question is YES, I have done both and continue to work in the field as an export agent but only on deals that I decide are worthy of my time.

I hope that this ‘long’ post has been helpful to you and I wish you success in your future endeavors, whatever they might be.


Ron Coble
Coble International
Import Export Business Help Center

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Start Your Own Import Business

Most people are under the mistaken belief that to start your own import business you will need to order container-loads of products. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you get the right training when learning how to start your own import business you will learn how and where to find foreign manufacturers and suppliers who will sell small quantities to you.

Small quantities can be a gross (144) that can be shipped via the postal service direct to your door. Many small importers sell their import products via mailorder, on the Internet, on eBay and some sell strictly at flea markets on weekend and make $500 to $1,000 or more. The key to success when you start your own import business is having the right tools and resources.

If you start your own import business will you be rich by the end of the month? Sorry, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but if you are looking for the golden goose home based business opportunity that will make you rich or pay off your bills by the end of next month, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

To start your own import business, you have to first dedicate yourself to learning the processes involved from professionally produced import business training materials.

Second, you need to apply what you learn from your how to start your own import business training course. Believe it or not, 95% or more of people who purchase training courses of any type (not just importing business courses) never take the first step to applying what they learn.

Third and probably most important, you need to have patience. Rome was not built over night as the old saying goes and your success when you start your own import business will take time and time means patience.

Persistence goes hand in hand with patience when you start your own import business. Take as an example a New Jersey man who imported a car clothes rack and his only means of marketing was via small ads. It took him a year but he was able to generate over $100,000 from one product in that year.

Start your own import business, apply what you learn from professional training materials and follow the successful examples of others. Another small importer ran test ads for a product used by fishing enthusiasts and was able to generate $70,000 in 3 months.

Is your success guaranteed when you start your own import business? By no means and if some one makes that guarantee or promise to you, grab your wallet and run as fast and as far away as you can.

However, by learning how to start your own import business, applying what you learn and combining you low cost import products with the worlds largest Internet marketplace called Ebay or selling from your own web site, or via mail order you have a very good chance for success.

I have been studying the import export business since 1986 or 20 years now. In that time I have purchased most of the training materials on how to start your own import business (and export business). I have also had 'many' courses and training materials given to me due to my long tenure in this business.

All of the other how to start your own import business courses pale in comparison to the sole training package we now detail at our web site. The How To Start Your Own Import Business course detailed is the "ONLY" training package we offer on starting an import business because no others provide the level of detail or are as professionally produced as this course.

One last thing, if you are seriously interested in learning how to start your own import business, be sure to thoroughly check out the people or businesses from whom you are considering getting your course. Our business has been in existence since 1988 and we have a very detailed list of resources and references listed on our company page.

When you visit the web page detailing our Start Your Own Import Business course, be sure to also check out (and bookmark) our company page. The "due diligence" import export business resources we have outlined there will be a resource that you will (and should) reference often.

Take care and I wish you success.

Ron Coble

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Here are the Five Basic Steps to succeeding in the Export Business:






There is a complete report on these five basic steps to success in the international trade field of Exporting. The report is titled the ABC's of the Export Business.

Each step has very valuable international trade information that will help you either start your own exporting business or expand one you may already be operating.

This international trade report is free and you are encouraged to print it out or copy it to your computer for later reference while offline.

International trade, especially exporting, is a very interesting, exciting and profitable business, go read this valuable Export business report and apply what you learn to your international trade business.

Best regards,

Ron Coble

Monday, February 13, 2006

Exporting Without Investment

The process of Exporting Without Investment can also be used for Importing Without Investment. Personally though I feel the Exporting business lends itself more towards this process than the Import business.

UPDATE: 28 February 2011 - this process is no longer as simple as it was 5 years ago when I first made this post. The trade lead service we used to recommend has gone out of business, as well as the US governments STAT USA trade leads service.

Additionally, I no longer recommend the buy/sell exchange that we once linked to and may have other links to within this blog. That service has been bought out multiple times in the past 3 years and no longer updates their database on a regular basis, therefore, I no longer recommend it.

I have posted multiple times about what and how I now recommend you find trade leads and here is a shortcut link to the search term "trade leads" within this blog - be sure to read ALL posts as they will help you decide what path to take in this business -

You may review the remaining steps at Exporting Without Investment

Have a great day.


Ron C.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Free Business Terms Dictionary

Have you ever found yourself searching for the meaning of a business term and or terms? And, rather than searching through an entire dictionary with tens of thousands of meanings not applicable to business wouldn't you rather go straight to a business terms dictionary?

Here is a link to a very comprehensive FREE online business dictionary - one of the most comprehensive you will find on the Internet.

This international business resource is not limited to just importers and exporters but is a useful tool for both beginning entrepreneurs and already experienced business people.

Be sure to bookmark or mark as your favorite powerful international business resource so you may easily locate it every time you need to look up the meaning of a business term.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Starting An Import Export Business

Starting an import export business or any business can be as difficult or easy as you want to make it.

The first thing you should ask is whether an import export business is really right for you? Having been in the field of import export and international business in general since 1988, I can tell you about many of the success stories.

A couple of examples that come to mind include a man who brokered a deal for $100,000 of concrete to be shipped to France. Because he took the time to learn the import export business the right way, he was able to collect a $10,000 commission for his efforts.

Then there was a young lady who was a professional massage therapist who found a trade lead from an importer in Pakistan who was searching for a manufacturing line to produce cotton balls - you know the type used to take make up off or any number of uses.

The young therapist went to her bathroom closet, looked on the bag containing the cotton balls she had stored there, found the manufacturer and called their maintenance department to ask the name of the company that made the production line. Now is that a creative way of getting information or what?

With that information in hand, she called the manufacturer, told them about her lead and negotiated a finders fee. Once she had an agreement from the production line manufacturer, she sent the importer their catalog, prices and other appropriate information.

A few days later she had a call from the importer who wanted to visit the production line manufacturer. She made the arrangements and to make a long story short, the sale went through, she received a commission of slightly over $5,000 (I believe it was) and also was placed under contract by the Pakistani importer to help them locate other goods and do so on a commission basis.

The very best international trade deal that I have ever personally heard from the international trader who put it together was from a gentleman in Florida. The trader operated from a spare bedroom (yes, I know it sound hokey but it is true) in his beachfront condo.

He was what you might call a true wheeler dealer. He related to me how when the Eastern European countries were freed from Soviet rule, these there were many people who had stored vintage cars since World War II that were still in excellent condition. These countries did not have much currency to work with but a similar wheeler dealer over there worked a deal with the Florida international trader to trade these vintage cars for jeans (of a certain brand name we all know) - so these two wheeler dealers were able to trade cars for jeans and each were making huge profits with each shipment.

This Florida exporters most lucrative deal to the time he had told me about it was for a shipment of concord grapes. An importer in Korea needed them and they were out of season in the USA so he was able to find a grower/exporter in Columbia, South America. The Korean importer issued a letter of credit for $100,000 to the Florida exporter who in turn issued a back to back letter of credit to the grower in Columbia for $70,000.

You do the math and you can see that international trade can be very lucrative, if you know what you are doing.

Our Import Export Business help center web site has been providing import export business to business services online for over 7 years now and offline since 1988. One of our primary resources are professionally produced courses and training materials on how to start an import export business.

However, unlike many of our over priced competitors in this market, I personally recommend to people to take full advantage of our free How to Start A Home Based Exporting Business ebook and other free reports before making a decision about this business.

And, before you decide to pursue the Import Export business OR any business, you should perform your due diligence on the business and the owner(s). In an effort to help you do just that, I have compiled many different free resources (most Internet based) that I use in my daily activities and you may use as often as you need them. Just visit our company page at our web site through any of the About Us - Coble International links.

Starting an Import Export Business and building it to a successful profitable enterprise is not for everyone. However, professional international trade training can provide you and/or your already existing business some very interesting and profitable deals that you might otherwise miss because you were never trained how to spot them or how to bring them to fruition.

This concludes my first post to my first blog, I hope you have found it interesting and useful. Please visit often and I will attempt to provide new information relating to various aspects of international business to business trade and importing or exporting.

Ron Coble