Monday, February 13, 2006

Exporting Without Investment

The process of Exporting Without Investment can also be used for Importing Without Investment. Personally though I feel the Exporting business lends itself more towards this process than the Import business.

UPDATE: 28 February 2011 - this process is no longer as simple as it was 5 years ago when I first made this post. The trade lead service we used to recommend has gone out of business, as well as the US governments STAT USA trade leads service.

Additionally, I no longer recommend the buy/sell exchange that we once linked to and may have other links to within this blog. That service has been bought out multiple times in the past 3 years and no longer updates their database on a regular basis, therefore, I no longer recommend it.

I have posted multiple times about what and how I now recommend you find trade leads and here is a shortcut link to the search term "trade leads" within this blog - be sure to read ALL posts as they will help you decide what path to take in this business -

You may review the remaining steps at Exporting Without Investment

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Ron C.

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