Wednesday, June 28, 2006

International Business Newsletter

How would you like to learn the answers to the following
questions (and more) from a full time importer/exporter who
earns on average over $100,000 a year and get the answers
to some of your most important questions, like:

Is exporting your full time occupation and if so, how long
have you been exporting?

What type of training did you take, if any?

Is your company considered an export management company in
that you actually take possession of the goods or are you
what would be called an Export Agent/Broker?

The article in Global Business, where we learned about you,
indicated how you put put parties together and earn a
commission on the transaction, like you just explained to
us. Do you have a standard commission or is each deal you
work on a new adventure?

Do you have a standard agreement that you use or do you let
that up to the buyer and/or seller?

Do you ever work as a sourcing agent or finder for
domestic USA companies?

Do you handle the actual paperwork involved with the
exporting transaction?

Is there any particular products that you try to work
with and those you prefer not working with?

Do you ever get paid by the buyer, rather than the seller?

Have you ever felt that you were ripped off by a seller
or a buyer that you were contracted with?

Is there a preferred method of payment that you choose
to receive?

What are the BEST trade lead boards in your opinion?

What would you say are the biggest hurdles for someone
thinking about entering the international trade?

What factors or parameters do you review when determining
if a deal is worth your involvement?

***Here is the link - scroll down the page a bit to begin
reading the interview with this importer/exporter:
International Business Newsletter

Friday, June 23, 2006

Importing Into USA and Other Countries

One of the most visited web pages within our 200+ page web
site is about how to get started importing to the USA.
This is also one of the most asked questions when someone
calls me.

It is very interesting though how the vast majority of
people who start importing into USA think they can do so
without taking a course or even studying a book.

Most believe that importing from Mexico or any other country
is easy and all they need to do is have a couple of their
questions answered in a phone call and they can get started.

The majority of the visitors to our site and callers are
people who sell or wish to buy low cost merchandise and
sell it on eBay for a high profit.

The process is or does not need to be complicated, however,
most of these people are setting themselves up for failure
with their unwillingness to learn even the basics of what
is required when importing into the USA or other countries.

Importing into USA can be a high performance business and
just like a high performance engine, it should only be
entered into by those who understand how that engine works.

For years now we have had a course about how to start an
importing business. It is a very good course and one
that has been used by community colleges and other
educational institutions.

Recently, the publisher decided to offer several
parts of the course as a downloadable product that you may
now obtain instantly via the Internet.

The parts of the course included in this condensed Ebook
version include step-by-step how-to instructions for
starting your own importing business.

The great news is, the publisher has included two of the
main parts of the course in the ebook.

The first section of the course titled the "Importers Action
Pack" has just about everything the publisher has ever
learned about importing. This is a big ebook in itself
(153 pages) and it is chock full of specific how-to tips,
step-by-step directions and the best online list of tools
and resources for new importers that you'll find anywhere.

The second part of the course you will get with your ebook
is the "Resources for Importers Guide" that includes the
best sites for identifying qualified suppliers of imported
products you can mark up 100 to 500 percent or more.

There are marketing tools that the publisher and many of his
clients are using today, links to importers who are selling
their products on the Internet right now, and too many other
tools and resources to numerous to mention here.

Even greater news for our worldwide business visitors is the
price of this ebook is about 1/3 of the full importing
business course.

There is much, in fact, too much to describe here and in
fact you are now even given a chance to take a free peak
inside this valuable ebook by downloading a free excerpt.

One of the primary reasons for making this available?

There are several, but number one was the fact more and more
inquiries are coming in from other countries from people who
are interested in starting their own importing businesses.

They are smart enough to see the trend in the value of the
US Dollar and realize now is the time to capitalize on what
they see as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Second to that, the cost to ship the entire course, with
videos was just too costly and time consuming for these

They also want to get started now and do not want to wait
for their course to arrive in the mail.

Now they can securely order online and within a few minutes
they can have their ebook stored on their computer and begin
discovering just how lucrative an importing business can be.

Here is where you may read more details about this brand
new ebook and download your free excerpt:
Importing Into USA and Other Countries

I wish you success in your new business.

Ron Coble
Import Export Business Help Center
Coble International

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Export Finance

Exporting and interested in entering new global markets?

Exporters - are you interested in increasing sales in
existing international markets?

Are you exporting and would like to worry less about
getting paid?

You can do all of the above with teh help of the Export-
Import Bank of the United States which is chartered by
Congress to help the expansion and promotion of U.S. jobs
and U.S. exports.

The Export-Import Bank's trade financing products can help
your international business enter new foreign markets,
increase your international sales and minimize your risks
associated with international trade.

How and Why? Because export financing is often the critical
part of your winning an international sale.

The Ex-Im Bank is the official U.S. export finance credit
agency that can provide support to your international sales
and global transactions. With their assistance, your
international sales my no longer require letters of credit,
cash in advance or credit cards. Even more important, with
Ex-Im Bank’s guarantee, export financing lenders are more
willing to provide export financing to your customers and
possibly match competitive bids from other countries.

The U.S. Ex-Im Bank offers you superior export finance
information; strong interest in helping both medium and small
sized businesses; political and commercial risk coverage; and
international buyer financing.

You may visit the following web page and complete a short
questionnaire to have an export finance consultant in your
region to assist you with your export financing challenges:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Import Export

As I was going back through my 1300 plus email sent files, one
of the most common questions received at our import export
business help web site is: "Can you help me find this company
or any information about them"?

If people would take advantage of our company information page
and the many import export business resources listed there,
they would not have to ask that question.

I really think that many people are just too lazy and expect
that I will do their work for them (for a price I will) but
when it's free, I will educate them on how to do it themselves.
If the information is important to them, they will take the

Here was one of this type of questions:

message: Hi we need the web address for following company.
Lo Bridge Enterprise co, Ltd china.

My reply was as follows:

I suggest you do a search for their name like this in Google:
"Lo Bridge Enterprise"

The quotation marks are what narrow the search down to the
specific company you are searching for. I found several
listings for them when I did this.

Special Note to our blog readers: The quotation marks are just
one of the keys to narrowing or targeting your search. If
I did not locate anything with "Lo Bridge Enterprise", I would
have then taken the search down to "Lo Bridge".

Another great tool within google's search engine is
searching for someone by their telephone number. If you input
the phone number in quotation marks again and in the correct
format for the country in which the business is located,
you will often find their web site, or other information
about them.

Go ahead and try it now, go to and do a search
for: "717-292-5763" which is my telephone number - try these
things out and you will soon find yourself using them on a
regular basis, especially if you are involved in the import
export business.

Next Import Export Business Question and Answer:

message: Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to contact firms in Taiwan which can
manufacture hourglasses to my specifications.

I want to import them for sale in the United States.

I look forward to your response.

Hello ....,

I would suggest visiting and looking up
the Taiwan embassy.

Contact them and ask to speak or correspond with their on
staff trade representative. Tell him or her what you are
looking for and see if they can help you.

Special Note to our import export business blog readers:

Most embassies have trade representatives on staff who are
paid to help businesses in their countries promote their
products to potential buyers.

Just be sure you come across as a legitimate business person
in either your correspondence by email, fax, mail or

Here are a couple of no cost pointers for you to use in
presenting yourself as a professional when asking for a
professional's help:

1. Do not send a hand written letter, fax or other form
of communication - learn to type or pay someone to type it
for you.

2. Do not demand they help you. Yes, they are being paid to
help promote business for the companies in their country
but they are 'not' being paid by you.

3. If you have to rate how likely you are to get a reply
by the form of communication you use to contact the folks
in the embassies or anywhere in the world of international
trade from your worst chances to your best chances for a
reply - here they are from worst to best:
a. Email
b. Fax
c. Mail
d. Telephone call

4. All computer word processing programs and email programs
have a spell check - USE IT!

5. Do not expect the trade rep to do your research for you.
Do as much research as you possibly can using every
possible search parameter we have suggested in this blog
and on our web site company page.

If you are too lazy to do this preliminary research, I
suggest you find another business because you are not cut
out for this one.

6. Be ready to provide details about you, your business
and the types and quantities of products you are possibly
interested in purchasing. Be specific and do not waste
these peoples valuable time on today's whim or tomorrow's

International trade and the import export business are
serious enterprises. If you want to command respect and
response from others, then be professional and treat
others you deal with in this endeavor with equal respect
for the time you are asking them to spend on your behalf.

Before closing this post, I need to rant a bit about how
many time wasters there are in the import export business
and other businesses.

Almost every day of the week I field phone calls or answer
emails from people who clearly do not have a clue as to what
they are getting involved in when it comes to international

They had a whim or wish for the day to become rich at either
importing this or exporting that. In most instances I ask
if they have ever taken a course or read a book about the

Most will say they read a book or an article but
because they know so and so in this country and have
connections to people in this industry they can jump right
in without having an understanding of the processes that
are involved or required.

In most of these instances I recommend they take advantage
of all of our free information which includes an ebook
about setting up an export business and our free reports
on international trade and business.

After over 18 years in this business, I can tell from the
tone of their voice when they are going to follow thru
with my suggestions or keep calling around to other web
site owners in the hope that one of them will give them
the magic keys to success without having to learn anything.

In most instances, the people never download the free
materials (too lazy) or when they do, they find out that
it will require a learning curve before they can actually
become successful in this business.

They then either run off to the next thing they read about
that will make them their first million in the next 90 days
or they get fooled in to paying some fly by night company
$7,000, $8,000 or more dollars for a supposed hand holding
program that gives them a self ego boosting certificate
to hang on their wall.

In the end, I also let these people know that although our
Import Export Business courses are very comprehensive, they
do not need to read 'every' word of every book, CD Rom or
memorize every detail of every video included with them.

Our Import Export Business courses are probably one of the
best (if not the best) resource libraries in the world for
international traders.

Every international trade deal is going to be different and
having a resource library that you can refer back to as
often as you need it during your hopefully long and
successful career is priceless.

In closing this post, I did not mean to get off on a rant
but it seems like the number of time wasters has increased
dramatically over the past few months.

Either get serious and realize you are going to have to
invest in you and your business to be successful or forget
about international trade and move on to the next scheme
that catches your eye.

International trade is serious business - you are going to
have to invest in learning the processes so that you and/or
the businesses you represent or buy from are not ripped off
in those processes.

Time is your most precious asset - do not waste your time
or that of others if you are not serious - bottom line -
get serious or get out.


Ron Coble
Coble International
Import Export Business Help Center

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Import Export Business Answers

I have decided to begin something new with the Import Export
Business blog.

Because I am constantly answering emailed questions from people
about the Import Export Business, I thought that these
questions and my answers may be of interest to others and will
begin with this post to go back through my files and post some
of the questions and answers. Be sure to let me know if you
find this helpful to you, your business or your decision to
start an import export business.

First Post From Our Import Export Business Email Files:

message: I am 36 years old and know nothing about the import
export business, however, I am very interested in purchasing
your training package and starting a business in this field.

My concern is this. Does someone need to be in the field or
have experience before venturing into a business? Am I over
stepping by not being involved first? If you can give a
little guidance it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

My Reply:

Hi .............,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The answer to both of your questions is No and No. You do not
need experience before venturing into this field. This is what
our Import Export Tool Kit is designed to provide you, i.e.,
the knowledge of how to proceed and the resources you will
need to do so.

No, you are not overstepping, unless you try to enter the field
by the helter skelter method of not learning the import export
business process and at least having a basic understanding of
the procedural flow of that process.

You may be interested in reading some or all of the posts I
have made to a new blog that was just set up within the last
two weeks. The emphasis on this blog is to individuals and
business owners such as you. The url is:

One thing to keep in mind. Our course covers all aspects of
the import export business. The important thing to keep in
mind is, you DO NOT need to actually perform all of those
procedures or processes. You should, however, as I state in
my latest blog post, have an understanding of how those
processes work so you do not get ripped of in the "process" so
to speak or at the least you are able to talk intelligently
with someone you may be hiring to perform them for you.

I hope this has dispelled some of the fears you might have and
I strongly suggest you visit the blog and at a minimum, read
the latest post which was just completed an hour ago. If there
are any other questions, please feel free to contact me via
email or phone at 717-292-5763. If I am not in the office,
leave your name, phone and the best time(s) to call you back
and I will do so ASAP. Kindest regards, Ron Coble

Here is the 2nd Email and reply for this post:

message: I'm in retail business, since 1999, own a silver
jewelry store in Palm Springs, CA.

I came to US in 1992 from Russia and know that there is a huge
potential of products and raw materials that might have a demand
in USA. I have good connections, (brother, cousins) who can find
the right products to import here.

I would like to start my own import company, but the thing is
I don't have experience with mechanical part of the process. For
an example, two days ago, my cousin asked me if I can find the
long-term buyer for red iron-oxide.

Thanks in advance for advise or help.

My Reply to this 2nd Message:

Dear ......,

Thank you for your inquiry.

International trade and business is a very interesting field.
Each potential business deal offers you a different format that
you may or may not follow.

You may operate as an agent, broker or actually take possession
of the goods yourself (something we do not recommend for

I strongly suggest that you review our free materials at our web
site (
to get an idea of what can be involved in an international trade
deal. We have a great ebook on starting an exporting business
which is something that you should really consider as there is
much more government and private assistance for exporters,
rather than importers.

Once you have read all of our free materials, I suggest you
then review out Import Export Tool Kit.

You need to have reference materials and a solid understanding
of how this business operates. The tool kit provides you with
both. Here are names of the free import export business
resources that are offered at our web site that you should
first take advantage of before making a decision to purchase
anyone's paid materials:
Free Exporting Business Ebook
Free Reports - (reports may be printed or downloaded):
International Trade is Serious Business
How to Check Out An Online Company (Due Diligence)
Exporting-Importing Without Investment
ABCs of Exporting
New Export intermediaries Biggest Mistake
Frequently Asked Questions - Starting a Home-Based Exporting

If you do decide to proceed then I strongly suggest you review
and purchase the complete Import Export Tool Kit Business
course at:
How To Start An Import Export Business

If you have any questions after reviewing these materials,
please feel free to contact us again.


Ron Coble
Coble International
Import Export