Friday, June 23, 2006

Importing Into USA and Other Countries

One of the most visited web pages within our 200+ page web
site is about how to get started importing to the USA.
This is also one of the most asked questions when someone
calls me.

It is very interesting though how the vast majority of
people who start importing into USA think they can do so
without taking a course or even studying a book.

Most believe that importing from Mexico or any other country
is easy and all they need to do is have a couple of their
questions answered in a phone call and they can get started.

The majority of the visitors to our site and callers are
people who sell or wish to buy low cost merchandise and
sell it on eBay for a high profit.

The process is or does not need to be complicated, however,
most of these people are setting themselves up for failure
with their unwillingness to learn even the basics of what
is required when importing into the USA or other countries.

Importing into USA can be a high performance business and
just like a high performance engine, it should only be
entered into by those who understand how that engine works.

For years now we have had a course about how to start an
importing business. It is a very good course and one
that has been used by community colleges and other
educational institutions.

Recently, the publisher decided to offer several
parts of the course as a downloadable product that you may
now obtain instantly via the Internet.

The parts of the course included in this condensed Ebook
version include step-by-step how-to instructions for
starting your own importing business.

The great news is, the publisher has included two of the
main parts of the course in the ebook.

The first section of the course titled the "Importers Action
Pack" has just about everything the publisher has ever
learned about importing. This is a big ebook in itself
(153 pages) and it is chock full of specific how-to tips,
step-by-step directions and the best online list of tools
and resources for new importers that you'll find anywhere.

The second part of the course you will get with your ebook
is the "Resources for Importers Guide" that includes the
best sites for identifying qualified suppliers of imported
products you can mark up 100 to 500 percent or more.

There are marketing tools that the publisher and many of his
clients are using today, links to importers who are selling
their products on the Internet right now, and too many other
tools and resources to numerous to mention here.

Even greater news for our worldwide business visitors is the
price of this ebook is about 1/3 of the full importing
business course.

There is much, in fact, too much to describe here and in
fact you are now even given a chance to take a free peak
inside this valuable ebook by downloading a free excerpt.

One of the primary reasons for making this available?

There are several, but number one was the fact more and more
inquiries are coming in from other countries from people who
are interested in starting their own importing businesses.

They are smart enough to see the trend in the value of the
US Dollar and realize now is the time to capitalize on what
they see as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Second to that, the cost to ship the entire course, with
videos was just too costly and time consuming for these

They also want to get started now and do not want to wait
for their course to arrive in the mail.

Now they can securely order online and within a few minutes
they can have their ebook stored on their computer and begin
discovering just how lucrative an importing business can be.

Here is where you may read more details about this brand
new ebook and download your free excerpt:
Importing Into USA and Other Countries

I wish you success in your new business.

Ron Coble
Import Export Business Help Center
Coble International


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