Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New International Email Marketing Strategies

If you use email to communicate with your import export
business customer base or potential customers, then you'll
want to pay CLOSE attention as you most likely already have
read my global b2b update titled "Is Email Killing Your
Global Marketing Efforts?"

Well there are some extremely important updates you need to
know! Even as you're reading this post, a massive worldwide
industry shift is taking place that's going to dramatically
affect whether or not 40% to 80% of the email you send gets
delivered -- or filtered away as junk -- never to be seen by
it's intended recipient!

Obviously, if your email isn't getting delivered, your sales
and profits are going to seriously suffer! So on the webpage
listed below, you are not only going to discover the exact
international email marketing strategies that one man used to
generate $291,756.42 and 44,901 new potential customers who
signed up to receive his emails in just the last 30 days.

You will also learn how you can get "whitelisted" with Yahoo,
AOL, and Hotmail -- and guarantee the delivery of every email
you send... Plus you will read about the 3 NEW criteria used
by "junk mail filters" to either deliver (or delete) your
email -- accreditation, reputation, and email authentication.

I hope you find this new information as valuable as I have....
to get all the latest international email marketing strategies
for success, visit:
New International Business Email Marketing Strategies

Ron Coble

P.S. Oh, yes, by the way, when you visit this page be sure to
read it in it's entirety as you will also learn how you can
obtain the insider international email marketing strategy to
sending email to the 2 BILLION+ consumers who use
mobile devices -- like cell phones and BlackBerries!

To learn about this email marketing strategy and more, visit:
New International Business Email Marketing Strategies


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