Wednesday, November 08, 2006

International Trade - What is “fair trade” ?

What is the meaning of “fair trade”? One answer will not fit all
the meanings. Here we review of fair trade's market profile —
the benefits, controversies, players and drawbacks.

There are two different meanings on how fair trade relates to
international commerce. During trade negotiations, the term
is often used in an argument that disguised barriers and
subsidies distort the global trading system against commodity
producers and developing countries.

Big voice - Small share

Meanwhile, developing countries small farmers who produce
some of the world’s favorite beverages and fruit are still finding
they are still only get paid pennies for products that sell for
dollars in the supermarkets of the world's wealthier countries.
Worse still, these farmers income wildly fluctuates from one
season to next, sometimes even fluctuating daily, depending
on commodity market prices. Competing against other
producers to maintain their revenues when .....for the rest of
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