Sunday, April 29, 2007

Import Export Business - Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse

Here in Central Pennsylvania where I live and operate our Import
Export Business and International marketing services, we have
Amish living nearby.

The Amish have a saying "don't put the cart before the horse".
Simply speaking, you ain't goin no where unless you know how
to hook the horse up to the cart correctly.

In the 19 years I have been operating this business, I have
probably spoken to hundreds and exchanged emails with
thousands of people who insist on putting their cart before
their horse when it comes to starting an import or export

They think that they can buy a $12.95 ebook off the net or find
enough free material that will give them "all" they need to know
to get started and make their fortune.

One of the first things I ask someone when they call is what type
of course or book they have read that makes them feel they are
able to start this business. 99 and 9/10th percent of the time
they have done nothing but read how wealthy they can become.

If you think $160.00 for a comprehensive course on how to
start an import business or $316.00 for a comprehensive course
on how to start an export business is too much, let me tell you
a little story about one of the recent "cart before the horse" tales.

The following story is true related to you so that you understand
that it can become very, very expensive for you if you do not
invest in the right educational materials for starting an import
export business.

A gentleman called asking if we could help him expedite the
process of getting his food products from Vietnam approved
by the FDA. He went on to tell me that he had imported
5 container loads of food products from Vietnam. However,
he had put his cart before his horse.

He did not have all of the approvals necessary from the FDA
and could not distribute the food. Now here is the KICKER my
gllobal trade friends, he reltated how his storage costs at the
dock had already exceeded the value of the food. Whoa. Did

Guess how wealthy he is going to be, no wait, guess how
much of a loss he is going to personally incur?

Let me ask you something? Did you ever wonder where all
these closeout stores and liquidation stores are able to get
much of their merchandise at sometimes a nickel or dime on
the dollar?

If you guessed wannabe importers who put their cart before
their horse, you get an A+. They were either too cheap OR too
arrogant to pay for a course to learn the processes of the
import export business and guess what, they are now going
to pay much more in the form of a "real life" learning experience.

You will either pay a little now for a comprehensive course on
importing and exporting, or you will pay a heck of a lot more
later in "real life" payments.

Either invest in YOUR FUTURE by getting the import or export
(or both) course appropriate to the business you are SERIOUS
or quit kidding yourself about starting an import export
business and move on to something else.

Putting his horse before his cart for 19 years now,

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

PS: Just a little point of personal interest, in May 1984, my
then 10 year old daughter, wife and I went on an adventure thru
Lancaster county (PA). We got to see the farm where the
movie Witness was being filmed, the courthouse where the
underground garage was used to film the scene where
Harrison Ford was shot

Best of all (especially for our daughter), we got to meet
Harrison Ford. He came out of the underground garage
where they were filming the scene in which is shot and went to
his trailer for make up and a break. When he came out he
gave our daughter his autograph.

We also got to see Danny Glover that day and a little known
(at the time) actress named Kelly McGillis was practicing a
dance routine for a broadway production she was starring in.
She did the dance routine just a few feet from where we were
sitting waiting for Harrison to come out, never realizing that
she was a big star in the making. Just a little personal note
from a beautiful day in May 1984 - one my now 30+ year
old daughter (and my wife and I) will never forget.

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