Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little Known Marketing Resource For International Traders

Most people do not understand how powerful a marketing tool
eBay is for International trade. Not only is it a great
place to test market new products, in addition to the
vast amount of marketing information you can find there.

eBay is an excellent way to learn about operating a business
for yourself with the potential for making a lot of money
while you are learning the basics of what it takes to be
a successful business owner.

In regards to eBay, I have just learned about an exciting
opportunity that you need to act on right away. It involves
eBay, and requires a bit of work on your part, however, the
payoff for you could be very significant.

Let me explain...

Just a day ago I received a message from Derek Gehl of the
Internet Marketing Center, who had some really amazing news...

Derek told me that for the first time ever, he's convinced his
elite team of eBay PowerSellers to allow him to put their
proven success system on paper, so anyone will be able to use
it to achieve a life-changing income with eBay.

(This is the very same teaching system his eBay experts are
using to teach their own students how to build a successful
eBay businesses. Many students are already making $1,000
to $10,000 a month on eBay -- within just a few weeks)

Anyway, here's where the 'opportunity' comes in...

Because this is the first time Derek released this system
to the general public, he needs more people who can "testify"
how this system actually produces results.

If learning whether you have what it takes to be successful
in your own business, gain a real education on marketing and
on what sells and what doesn't and potentially make a lot of
money in your first year while gaining all this knowledge,
then you are invited to check out a "review copy" of his new
eBay profit system and give it a try.

And because he is so certain you are going to achieve a
great deal of success, money and business experience using
this system, he is willing to let you test-drive it risk
free for 30 days for only 99 cents.

Derek is counting on the fact that you will be up, running and
making big profits on eBay in the next month or so, and that
you will be more than happy to write him a nice "testimonial"
that he can put up on their webpage when he rolls out his
full launch of this system.

If not, no big deal, just send it back and it won't have cost
you anything, except the 99 cents, of course.

This system is beneficial to both new entrepreneurs as well as
already established businesses. As I stated in the beginning of
this post, there is a wealth of marketing information that can
be learned from eBay. You can choose to ignore it while your
competition uses it to forge ahead in sales.

And for those who are just getting started in business or just
considering getting started, selling on eBay is by far my most
recommended resource for you.

So if this sounds interesting, you can take part by going to:

All the best,
Ron Coble

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

USA Exporter News And Resources

If Selling to Africa is of Interest to you, then be sure to read:
“U.S. Exporters Urged to Aggressively Market to Sub-Saharan Africa."

Enhanced Africa Portal was recently updated, giving it a comprehensive work
over with a fresh look. Check it out at Ex-Im Bank Africa Portal.

To register for the free “Ex-Im Bank Africa Update” newsletter and other Ex-
Im Bank information, sign-up here:

Upcoming Ex-Im Bank Seminars These interactive workshops show how to
increase export sales, improve cash flow, minimize foreign-buyer default risks,
and break into new markets:

1. Trade Finance Solutions for Exporters and Lenders, Wash. DC ($99)

  • September 10-11
  • November 5-6

2. Learn How to Find International Buyers and Extend Credit - ($59)

  • August 30 - Nashville, TN
  • September 26 - Fort Collins, CO

The Export Yellow Pages can be an easy first step to establishing trade contacts,
developing trade relationships, and conducting international business. U.S. companies
are encouraged to register your business FREE at The Export Yellow Pages and
begin taking advantage of international export opportunities today! Visit

A quick-reference for exporters to help USA companies, especially small to
medium sized enterprises (SMEs), download the DOC's free Trade_Finance_Guide (pdf) .

Financing support for shipping, logistics and other companies involved in ocean freight
transportation can be found in Borrowers Transportation Freight Financing (pdf).

Enhanced Support for Small Businesses Selling Internationally Ex-Im Bank is focused
on helping small businesses and here are some new offerings:

1) Small Business Portal & Interactive CD. Designed to assist the non-financial
manager in finding the trade finance solution that addresses his or her business
challenges. Visit the SmBizPortal.Order the free CD by e-mailing

2) Small Business Help Button. Helps exporters know who to e-mail or call for
prompt answers and for counsel from local staff. Find it at the center of Ex-Im Bank's
home page at

3) Small Business Exporter Resource Guide. A one-page flyer with active links to
online government trade information available to exporters. To peruse, go to
Small Business Resources(pdf)

4) Small Business Specialists Directory (New!). A one-page directory with contact
names, phone numbers and areas of expertise. Go to Small Business Specialists.

5) Apply Fast and Easy with Ex-Im Online An interactive, online process allows
exporters, brokers and financial institutions to transact with Ex-Im Bank electronically.

Need a Trade Finance Consultant at No Cost? Ex-Im Bank has trade-finance
specialists in your region to assist with your particular export-finance challenges.
Simply complete the ExporterResponse Form.

General Ex-Im Bank Contact Information Web site:

Friday, August 10, 2007

2007 Exporting Business Strategy Report

The 2007 National Export Strategy (NES) is provided to Congress and is the United States Administration's Trade Promotion Agenda. The 2007 edition of the NES examines how the combination of advancing technologies and a declining of trade barriers has made exporting easier than ever before. American companies should begin looking at the global economy (if they are not already) not only as a source of competition but also as a huge sales opportunity as well.

The goals of year's National Export Strategy report are to help convince US companies that are not exporting to consider exporting, to raise awareness in the USA business community about the advantages of exporting, and to get US companies that are exporting to consider entering more overseas markets.

For your free copy of this new report, visit: