Saturday, November 24, 2007

International Shipping Company Service

Today I would like to recommend a new service to you that
will help you with your growing import export business. provides international shipping
company services for both businesss and residential
customers. They provide competitive rates, superior customer
service, and they have gone to the extreme in making the
entire process a breeze.

Not only do they offer container shipping, small box shipping,
and self service shipping, their international agents will
custom tailor their service to meet your specific needs.

Door to door shipping, door to port shipping, crating, or
customs clearing, they will do it all for you.

Their highly trained customer service staff are trained to
assist you in all your international shipping service requests.
Whether you need packing, wrapping, inventory, full service
or limited service, their expert staff will coordinate your
shipment door to door, provide custom crating and on site
rigging for your shipment.

PriceBreak!Shipping global agents are well seasoned and able
to ensure smooth customs clearance for your goods.

Visit their web site today for a free shipping quote that
will save you money and be sure to tell them how you heard
about their great International Shipping Company

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How To Start Importing

Each week hundreds, if not thousands, of people come to our
website with the question "How To Start Importing" on
their mind.

One of the biggest questions they fail to ask is "where or
how or to whom am I going to sell my imports?"

Some of these people will call and I will encourage them to
consider the "where will I sell my imports" before they
jump head first into the "sending money to some unknown
person or business half way around the world and if I am
lucky enough to get what I paid for, now what do I do with

The other problem many of the would-be importers have is
not having "any" basic business experience. So often my
suggestion is this - before starting to learn How to
start importing, you should try your hand at a very
simple business that will also help you build a market
or learn if your products have a market.

The simplest way to learn if you have what it takes to
start importing and run a business is to begin building
a market by selling products on eBay or from your own
web site.

Selling on eBay will give you experience into what
owning a business is all about. You learn how to market
your products, you learn how to deal with customers,
you learn about shipping methods, and you gain very
valuable marketing knowledge in the form of whether
or not the products you are considering importing
have a market.

Two major questions you must answer if you want to
run a profitable business, whether selling on eBay or
in your own Importing business are..

1. What can I sell?


2. Where (and from whom) do I get the products?

It does not matter if you are selling on eBay,
other online auctions or your own website -
finding products to sell and not getting ripped
off in the process is something you will always
have to do if you wish to be successful in your
business. Did you know that many companies
spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every
year sourcing products for their business?

The great news for you as a new business is that
you do not need to do that.

A global business that we have been associated
with almost from the day they started 7 years ago
will has taken the burden off of new entrepreneurs
by doing the heavy task of product sourcing for
you, which allows you to concentrate your efforts
on growing your business.

Here is a little background about this product
sourcing company, they are the top product sourcing
business in the world. Their database is the world's
largest database of genuine, verified, factory-direct,
suppliers of imported products, overstocks and
liquidations and drop shipping and wholesale suppliers.
EVERY supplier in their database has been personally
contacted, verified and pre-qualified so that BIG
burden is taken off of you.

In addition, they realize how tough it can be when you
are just getting started in your own business and they
also provide no cost educational presentations for eBay
Live, they are also the Official Product Sourcing
Editors for eBay Radio and they host Product Sourcing

In early 2007, they unveiled a new resource tool that
immediately gave new and established businesses the
ability to use the same import, drop ship and
wholesale suppliers that the big name retail stores,
eCommerce and eBay Powersellers use.

This new resource tool provides the following (and more):

* Instant access to millions of products and thousands
of import, liquidation, light bulk, drop ship
VERIFIED wholesale suppliers that you can begin to
use for sourcing products to sell in your new business
for a profit.

* A market research tool that is beyond anything that
is available elsewhere that provides you with
"Detailed" demand, pricing, keyword and competition
market research.

* 100% FREE online educations materials to help you
grow your business and customer service ready to
help you with your questions.

* A 100% money back guarantee.

You can go take a look at this incredible resource
now at:
(** be sure to watch the videos while you are there **)

Right now (mid November 2007), they are offering a
limited time $30 discount. Their discount will only
be available thru the end of November, so now is the
time to take advantage of their offer but even if you
read this after the discount is gone, this is still
worth every penny of the "ONE TIME" investment
in your business.

I can not recommend this service enough if you are
either considering starting an import business or
simply searching for legitimate and verified suppliers
of wholesale products for you to sell.

This is a resource that I own and if you are seriously
interested in learning how to start importing then you
really need to start by building a market and learning
the basics of doing business and this is the best
resource for you to gain access to "verified" sources
of imports, wholesale and drop ship products you can
sell and earn a nice profit.

If my recommendation isn't enough, go see what the
'Dean of eBay University' has to say about it:

There is a gentleman named Andy Jenkins who has done
over a million dollars in drop shipping items, here is
what he had this to say...

"There's a whole army of people behind this database.
It's the first place and usually the last place we
look. "

EBay University instructor Janelle Elms said...

"They're the only legitimate sourcing company
that I'll recommend to the eBay University

So if you are interested in learning how to start
importing, then you need to learn the basics of being
in business and learn what sells and what doesn't
before you begin importing large container loads of
products. So the bottom line is to learn the basics
and one of the best resources I personally own and
recommend is this powerful product sourcing and
marketing research tool.

And don't forget that during the last half of
November 2008, you can get $30 off the normal price:

I wish you success.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

Friday, November 09, 2007

Import Export Business Question And Answer

It seems that in recent weeks and months, an increasing number
of people are looking into the import export business. Most likely
the fact the US dollar has dropped to historic lows against all other
world currencies is causing this increase in interest.

Here is an edited portion of an email request that reflects what
seems to be a common interest for those who are researching the
import export business:

Question: You have mentioned that for many items, NLR "No
License Required" is applicable on many shipments. My question
is, is a license required to be a trader of commodities such as
minerals or sugar/wheat or oils?

My "Edited" Answer: In regards to the import export
business, I am very blunt with people so please do not take
anything I say personally, but I think you are looking at the
wrong area for getting involved in import or export.

Selling in commodities is not something for beginners and if
you are serious about getting into this aspect of the business,
you should really try to partner with someone who is already
working in this field. Do so at a small salary in return for
their mentoring -- with that said, good luck on finding one.

The commodities markets are fairly sewn up with buyers
knowing who the sellers are and sellers knowing who the
buyers are. Because there is the sense of doing BIG
amounts or numbers, there is a misconception that one
can make a BIG hit $$ on their first deal. This opens
the door to many who are in the business of fraudulently
separating would be import export entrepreneurs from
their money.

Commodities are sold in large volumes but there are
very slim profit margins, so even if you were one of
the lucky few who ever succeeded at making a legitimate
deal, the profits would not be that great.

As I said earlier, the people in this particular business
usually know where every kernel of corn or wheat or
grain and drop of oil is located and that it is extremely
difficult to compete as a newcomer.

You apparently came upon the China trading program,
this is primarily for someone located in the USA and
involves contacting USA/Canadian manufacturers
about the founder's family connected Chinese
manufacturing capabilities.

The focus of our other import export business training
programs do not focus on commodities and basically
train a newcomer to this business that you are much
better working with small and mid-sized manufacturers.

Here is a our recommended resource for learning
how to start an import export business.

The only other resource that I recommend for a
beginner is a subscription to this Export Trade Leads

One thing to understand before you make a decision
to proceed. It is going to take 3-6 months (in most
instances) or sometimes longer before you begin
seeing any money once you have a deal that comes

One other factor that comes to mind after re-reading
your email - you are basically talking about working
as an export management company in the type of
goods and references to "licensing" etc..

Neither the publisher of the course we offer, nor I,
recommend you start out in this business by jumping
into that level of the business. Start out as an agent
or broker. You merely get paid for bringing the
buyer to the seller (after you have an agreement)
and getting paid a commission both now and for
any future sales made to the parties you bring
to the table.

Hope this has helped.


Ron Coble
Business To Business Portal

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Import Export Business Reports You May Have Missed

Far from the capital of his home country Peru, a international
business man turns a low return commodity (plantain bananas)
into a high value export.

Locating a partner trained in management skills proved his
key to moving his export business up the value chain.

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Transforming any small or medium sized business into one
that becomes lead by their export business, is possible. How
do you change a small business mentality into one that embraces
international trade?

However possible, it requires both financial resources,
mentoring and confidence to turn a woman entrepreneur’s
small business into one that is lead by exporting.

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