Monday, January 21, 2008

Trade Directories Of Worldwide Importers - 2008 Editions

DOVER, Pennsylvania, USA - January 21, 2008 - Coble
International, owners announced today
the availability of the 2008 editions of 50 Commodity/
Product specific trade directories of worldwide Importers/

A complete List of the 50 Commodity/Product specific directories
are available at:
*** Just scroll down the page to see the entire list of 50 title links

The titles on the page are linked to the individual web pages
for that directory, just click on the title most appropriate to
the products you are exporting or seeking to export.

Place your order now - it will be processed immediately and the
trade directory you order will be placed on a PRIORITY COMPLETION

All directories on the priority list will be completed in the
order they are received and "ahead" of any directories that do
not have orders placed for them.

The "anticipated" time for completion of directory updates for
those on the PRIORITY schedule is "approximately" 10 business
days from the time your order is processed.

Additionally, the 2008 edition of their Email Directory of
Worldwide Importers will be ready by the end of January and
orders will be shipped in the priority they are received.

You may review details of the trade directory of Importers
with Email addresses is at:

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

Monday, January 07, 2008

Import Export Business Decision Making

Decision making is a key factor to your success in the Import
Export business or any business for that matter.

This post may offend some people but quite frankly if that is
what it takes to help you have the guts to make a decision,
then so be it.

Many times in the past year I had people who were inquiring
about starting an Import Export business. They would either
make repeated calls or send multiple emails.

Often, these people were looking at our Import Export self
study course and comparing whether to pay the $424 and go
it on their own, or max out their credit cards or take out
a 2nd mortgage on their house to pay the $8000+ fee some of
our competitors charge in order to have someone there to
"mentor" them and hold their hand through the process of
becoming successful (oh yes, and to give them that magic
certification that opens the doors to the land of Oz).

After much contemplation on these increasing number of phone
calls and emails from people who can not seem to make a
decision without someone holding their hand and telling them
what to do I reached a conclusion that it really was not
their fault.

In life, we always seem to have someone there giving us
orders or directions on what to do and how to do it.

It begins with your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles,
older (or younger and bigger) brothers and sisters, coaches,
teachers, professors, supervisors, bosses, etc..

Someone else is always either making the decisions for us
or providing us with the direction we must go. So it should
not be a wonder to me that most people are unable to make
a decision on their own when it comes to starting and
operating an import or export business, right?

One of the conclusions I have reached about why these people
seem to find it so difficult to make a decision is so they
can blame someone else when and if something goes wrong.

The most classic case of indecision was a man who reviewed
our Import Export Business toolkit course and was ready to
purchase it. A day later he called and wanted to know about
the China trading business opportunity we have advertised
at our web site.

I explained to him what the China trading program was all
about and that I do "not" recommend that someone try to do
both business programs at the same time.

The gentleman seem very astute, intelligent, articulate and
I genuinely felt that based on our initial conversation he
had a good chance for success in the import export business.

Now, however, he was wavering. Which program should he go
with? I told him that each has it's own merits but that he
would have to weigh those merits against what his core
strengths were and go with whatever one would allow him to
use those merits.

He followed up a day or two later insisting that I make the
decision for him. I could see where this was going. Had I
told him to go with one or the other and he failed to
launch into success he could then blame me for steering him
in the wrong direction.

I finally told him that he should forget about the import
export business altogether because the first requirement for
being successful in it (or any business) is the ability to
MAKE A DECISION. And, if he could not make a small decision
such as this, then he would fail.

This post is written for anyone who is considering entering
the import export business - your success is not at the end
of your credit card limit (i.e. paying thousands of dollars
to get certified will not guarantee you success).

Had the gentleman referred to above had what it takes to be
successful in this business (or any business) he would have
made a decision and lived with it instead of depending upon
someone else to make his life decisions for him.

We all have to make decisions in life, for personal, financial
or business reasons. We all will and do make mistakes and
live to regret them. No one is perfect, so why depend on
some other imperfect human being to make your life decisions
for you?

Decision making is the key element to success in life and
in the import export business. You can make those decisions
and must make them if you are to be successful.

Ron Coble
Import Export Help Center