Sunday, March 02, 2008

Import Export Business Getting Started Questions

Two questions seem to be commonplace these days when it comes
to getting started in the Import Export Business.

1) How do I get started?
2) How much money do I need to get up and running?

Since most people arrive at our web site by searching on
a phrase like "how to start an import export business" and
ultimately land directly on our Import Export Toolkit training
package web page, this question is kind of puzzling?

One of the first things I like to do when I get these type of
requests if look into our Global B2B Updates database to see
if the person making the request has signed up for this free

I generally believe that if a person is "really" serious about
getting into this business they would not pass up the chance
to get a free update that will often contain valuable resources
that might help them in their business.

If I do not see where they have signed up, I tend to assume
that the person making this request is not really serious or
is simply looking at the import export business as just another
"get rich quick" scheme and they simply want to buy into
this latest interest with as little time and as little money
as possible and when "it" does not work for them, well they
move on to the next greatest money maker.

We also have provided a great many free resources within our
web site to help people decide if this business is really
for them before they open their wallets. All of those free
import export business resources are listed near the bottom
of our Site Map Page 1 - I would state however that the two
reports on Importing Cars and Exporting cars are not really
that targeted to those who are interested in getting started
in this business.

Now if you read all of the free resources listed on Site Map
Page 1 (near the bottom) and you are still interested in
pursuing the Import Export Business, then the very simple
answer to the first question above (How do I get started?)
is for you to get our Import Export Toolkit.

My previous post was about making decisions, that is what it
comes down to - read the free materials, do the due diligence,
and get the Import Export Business Toolkit - simple, straight
forward, no questions asked - JUST DO IT!

Once you have the toolkit, right now I suggest you put the
3 CD roms on the importing business aside and focus on the
exporting business. The US Dollar is at historic lows and
is really not expected to improve anytime soon, if ever.

This currency devaluation makes USA goods much easier to
purchase by buyers/importers in other countries because their
currency is worth more.

Focus on the exporting business first and after a few years
of success in that side, then get the importing part out and
begin your quest for starting that side.

In answer to the 2nd question above, how much do you need to
get started?

Well, first of all, our Import Export Toolkit costs $424.00,
so factor that into your overall cost.

Now most of you have a computer or you would not be reading
this, so scratch that expense. Most of you have a telephone,
but you may wish to have a separate line for business calls,
but in the beginning if you have a quiet room where you can
make and recieve calls, there really is no need.

If you would like a voicemail service, I will tell you where
to get one for as little as $34.00 a year (this is some of
the information included as a bonus when you get the toolkit).

Having a seperate number for a fax line is a necessity in my
opinion - I simply do not take a business seriously that lists
their phone number and fax number as being the same and a
lot of other "real" business people will not either.

Here again, the same service referred to above for $34.00 a
year will provide you with a "dedicated" phone number fax
line for the same price.

So let's add up what we have so far - $424.00 + $34 + $34
equals $492.00 so far.

Now once you have the Import Export Toolkit and when you
are about 2/3 of the way through the exporting part of it,
I recommend you get a One Year subscription to the Export
Trade Leads service as described here:

Trade Leads -

As I clearly state on the above web page - this service
is the ONLY place I have obtained trade leads that have
resulted in us being paide a commission on sales to the
importers we found there. The only other lead source that
has generated sales has been leads generated by our own
web site.

The One Year subscription is only $95.00 - so now we are
up to $587.00.

I mentioned the fax service above, I use it for receiving
our fax messages, but I use a software program that costs
around $30.00 to allow me to send faxs direct from my
word processing program. You will get the name of this
service as a bonus to the Import Export Business toolkit.
So we are now up to $617.00 (if my calculations are correct?)

Beyond that, you will have some incidentals such as paper,
pens, or basic office supplies - maybe another $25.00 so
now we are up to $642.00.

The last expense that will be an ongoing one is long distance
telephone service. There are so many out there I will not
tell you who to go with but the one we use charges around
4 to 5 cents per minute, rounds off to 6 second increments
(which is important when sending fax messages), they also
have excellent international rates. If you are interested,
I will be glad to give you their name.

The mistaken belief that I think many people have who are
considering the import export business as a possible new
career is they "think" you have to jump into it as an export
management company.

This is now what we recommend in the toolkit. Although your
training materials in the toolkit will provide you with every
bit of knowledge you need to get into the business as an
export management company, we recommend you start out as an
agent and/or broker.

Simply bring the sellers and buyers together and collect a
commission but there are several methods for doing this as
well and in protecting yourself from not getting paid. And,
guess what, they are all described thoroughly, you guessed
it, in the Import Export Business toolkit.

Think you can do it without the toolkit - go right ahead,
just don't be one of those many people who call us up and
ask us how do we do this or how do we do that and think they
can get by on piecemealing it.

So the bottom line is, it does take money (not much by
today's standards) to get started and if you want to try it
without getting the Import Export Toolkit, I wish you luck
because you are going to need it.

Here is the web page for the toolkit, visit it, read it,
check out all of the components, the like the previous post,
make a decision and either get it or forget it:

Start An Import Export Business Toolkit

Ron Coble
Coble International Business Services