Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Import Export Business Questions & Answers Continued


I’m interested in the import-export training materials you have on
offer, but concerned about how applicable the material would be for
starting up an import-export business outside of the US. I’m South
African - do you think the material would be of the same value when
applied within SA? How about differences in the legal system, import /
export procedures, information sources, etc. Or are those things pretty
standard across the board?

Basically, do you think it will be of as much value to me as it would be
to a US startup? I don’t want to spend money on information that
doesn’t apply in SA. Please advise.


We have sold a number of packages to new traders in South Africa. Yes, the
export training products have a USA slant but if you access the Internet, it
really doesn’t matter where you’re located. In fact, many of the resources I
recommend to U.S. traders can be accessed by non-U.S. traders as well.
The tactics or processes for exporting work in any country.

Normally I don’t recommend non-U.S. traders purchase the import package.

There is information that is useful but much of it has to do with U.S. Customs
and may not be applicable in your country.


How are you? I figure I email you instead of calling since you have such
a busy schedule. I like the import and export business tool kit very much
and I’m thinking in buying it. But I have one concern, all the import/export
books I have read previously did not discuss how to check if the products
you are importing is actually legal to sell it in the states because some
company might hold a patent on the product that you are importing. How

do you avoid running into situation where you are importing some
product and you think that no companies in the states hold a patent on
that particular product but later on a lawsuit is being file on you because
a company actually holds a patent on the product that you are importing
without you knowing.



The short answer is no, it doesn’t. From what I can tell, most patent issues
with imports deal with pharmaceuticals. I haven’t had this come up before
except in the case of importers who buy items (ball caps in the case I know
about) that had unauthorized team logos and trademarks and legal action
followed. Actually, the goods were held in Amsterdam on the way to the U.S.

by customs people there due to illegal trademarks.


I am working a deal and I have a question if you wouldn’t mind answering?

I am having some laptops built to be shipped overseas.
the customer will wire me the money and I will then have the money sent
to the supplier to build the goods.

what documentation should I get?

I was thinking an RFQ from the supplier

I can then send a PO along with payment.

I want to make sure the transaction is documented properly so if anything
happens I have records.


Do you know if your potential buyer is in agreement with this arrangement?
Is he willing to pay you in advance for product even though he has not done
business with you before? What kind of time delay is anticipated (for
production) and will the buyer agree to this?

I would suggest that what is probably more workable is a pro forma invoice
with payment made through a transferrable letter of credit (check with your
international bank on particulars). Conditions cited should meet the time
frame of the manufacturer to prepare and ship the computers.


I have a question related to export and hope you have answer for it.

I’m based in US, and interested in selling a US company’s product in China,
this company has a branch office in China, and they requires anyone who
wish to sell their product in China go through its Chinese branch office.

However due to the price difference between its products sold in US and
those in China, I would like to buy its product in US with the US wholesale
price and export/ship the product to China myself.

My question is that if this US company has the right not to sell me the
produce in US and force me to go through its Chinese branch office,
buy the product there in China with Chinese whole sale price. Is there
any regulation about this?


Basically a company can sell their products to whomever or thru whomever
they choose - yes, that is their right.

You would potentially be setting yourself up for a lawsuit by this company if
they discovered what you are doing and in reality you could be jeopardizing
your Chinese counterpart with regards to their legal problems with the US
company’s Chinese authorized distributor.

Bottom line (I know this is not what you wanted to hear), but I would not try
to circumvent a company with regards to their approved lines of distribution,
you are really asking for trouble and legal problems if you attempt to do so.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Car Importing Exporting Business

For OVER THREE YEARS many people who have visited our
Import Export Business Help center web site have been asked
about information on how they can get into the business of
exporting cars or importing cars and although the Import
Export Toolkit self-study course is still the best
international trade training course on the market, it covers
the overall Import Export Business processes required in an
international trade transaction, it can in no way address
each specific or target market such as exporting cars or
importing cars.

While doing research for a new business client I discovered
what these folks have been asking for over the last 3 1/2
years - and it's title is --

The Beginner's Guide To Insider's Guide To
Importing Exporting Automobiles

This new guide comes from two years of research and
writing by a licensed auto dealer. The guide will give you
the insider secrets from the publisher's interviews and
information from the experts in the car business including
shippers, exporters, Department of Commerce personnel,
foreign nationals, foreign embassies and trade associations.

This car exporting and importing training guide (and bonus
resources listed below) has been seen in such renown
publications as Popular Science - Popular Mechanics - Auto
Trader - Old Car Trader - Deals On Wheels.

By the way, I want to emphasize again - this entire training
program is written by a Licensed Car Dealer - someone who
not only talks the talk but who walks the walk!

If you are considering exporting cars from the USA, NOW IS
the BEST TIME EVER to get involved in this business. Have you
looked at the value of the Euro in comparison to the USA

Here are some of the Section Titles from the Table of Contents:

What Vehicles To Sell
Pricing Cars
How to Select A Country
Business Strategy
Importing Vehicles

The items listed above are just a preview of portions of this
valuable car import export business MAIN guide - I said
MAIN GUIDE because there are FOUR (4) Bonus resources you will
get along with the MAIN GUIDE.

Here are the Bonus Resource titles:

1. WHOLESALE CAR AUCTION RULES - Your first visit to a
wholesale auto auction can be exciting and intimidating -
this guide teaches you all the "rules" that "all" attendees
to the wholesale car auctions must follow - you will also
learn the secret of getting the auctioneer to reverse a deal
if you happen to get a lemon.

2. CONTACT INFO AND LOCATIONS FOR 500+ WHOLESALE CAR AUCTIONS - ALL 50 STATES - This guide cost over $200 to compile this directory list -- You can use it to quickly locate the 500+
best places to get cars for exporting at the lowest prices!

3. USED CAR WHOLESALER - This manual gives the complete
details and info on obtaining your car dealers license and
how the car auctions operate.

4. INSIDER'S DICTIONARY - this is your insider's guide to the
language of the auto business - if you don't know what the
terms "car jacket", "bumble bee" or "invisible trucks" are,
then you definitely need this report which contains over
100 car business insider terms used every day - with this
valuable information you too will be able to 'talk the talk'
and sound like and be treated like an old pro rather than
a rookie.

These are not printed manuals - when your payment is
approved you will be redirected to the website where you
will be able to DOWNLOAD Your Main Guide and 4 FREE BONUS
reports - they are all available, right NOW and you can
have all of them in 10 minutes or less!

  • Immediate download. You get them NOW!
  • Easy to read
  • Can be read with any Windows Computer or Apple Mac
  • No waiting for shipment and snail mail delivery
  • No paying the high cost of shipping and handling
  • You can read all of them on your computer or you can
    print one or all of them out for easy off-line reading

The amount of targeted car exporting and importing business
information contained in the main guide and bonus reports
go far beyond the small investment this experienced auto
trader is asking and I in fact recommend they raise the
price because of the incredible amount of valuable inside
information they are revealing.

Go check it out for your self now, and if you are
one of those many people who called or emailed me in
the past few years asking for information that specifically
addressed importing or exporting cars, just go get this
training package because this is "exactly" what you have
been searching for.

Last, for any of you international trade customers who
have purchased our Exporters Master Package, Importers
Business training kit or the Import Export Toolkit - you
still have the most comprehensive courses available for
the overall Import and Export business, however, if
exporting cars or importing cars is an area you have
considered specializing in, the I strongly urge you
to invest in this guide and bonus materials as it will
provide you with the specialized training you need for
that target market.

This is the best (and only) specialized training
information package of it's kind that I have found and the
fact the gentleman who published it is a licensed car
dealer himself means you are getting experience, not just

If you are interested in car exporting or importing, then
Go NOW, check it out and invest in your business by getting
your own copy:


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Import Export Business Q&A Continued

Original Question:

What is the percentage of your customers that are actually making a living from your product? What is the average income per year for the customers that are making a living from your product?

Original Answer:

Thanks for the inquiry.

Let me ask you a question? or two. Please do not take what I am about to say as being sarcasm, it is simply the way I am trying to get my point across for the questions you have

If you own property, you are probably paying thousands of dollars in real estate taxes to support the local school system. Do you know the percentage of students that get a job paying above minimum wage? Do you know the average income per year of the students with whom you invest so much of your hard earned dollars??

Literally you are asking questions that cannot be answered. My primary business is export marketing and promotion. If you have read my Import Export Business blog, you would have learned that I started selling training materials and import export business resources early on to help support my "habit" of getting started in this business.

I spent hundreds of hours.....I've said all this before in the blog - go read it....I sell a course or courses, period. Why, because I do marketing of other import export business materials, people call me asking for solutions to the problems they got themselves into by trying to get into this business without proper training. My time is valuable and even more so at the age I am now. Now they could either pay me $200 an hour or they can buy the courses I recommend.

I have reviewed "many" different training materials in my 20 years in this business - the courses we offer now are the "best" I have found, period. They work if the person buying them has any amount of reasonable intelligence, can speak and write well enough to be understood and realizes that it
will take time and much patience to succeed.

If we were charging $8000 like some programs do which are being advertised on the Internet at this very moment, then your question is a valid one for them to answer and come up with some proof.

I have put on my web pages "Exactly" what you get with our courses, line by line, piece by piece and for an importing course priced at $160, an exporting course priced at $316 and a combination of the two at only $424.00, do you really think that I can take the time to follow through with all the people who have purchased our courses over the years? They are getting outstanding packages of valuable information, some of it proprietary, some not, but so much of it that you could spend hundreds of hours trying to compile it yourself - what is your time worth??

The sad fact is with any business - 95% or more of the people who buy courses or materials to help them start "any" business, NEVER do more than glance at it and forget about it.

Quite frankly, I doubt there are many universities that know how many of their students are actually making a living doing what they majored in or let alone what the average income is of those who were lucky enough to get a job in that major. So bottom line, for $160, $316 or $424, why am I expected to keep track of this kind of information.

Again, if you read my import export business blog, you will see I have stated many times over, there are NO ABSOLUTES in this business or any business or life for that matter. It really does not matter what someone else does with their life - what matters is what you do with yours - their success is in no way a guarantee of your success and by the same token, their failures, for whatever reason, are in no way a reflection on anyone else but themselves.

Sorry but I just cannot answer your questions - honest enough?

Follow Up Question:

I was hoping some of your customers would reply and tell you how well they are doing with your product and the income they were making. Before I get myself into this business, I would like to know the average salary. I'm not looking for a multi-million business, but I do have a mortgage and bills to consider. From your background and experience, would you know the median salary for this kind of work? I would truly appreciate your information regarding this issue.

Follow Up Answer:

I am sending you two references you should read - you should also scan through each post I have made on the import export business blog - there is a wealth of information there among all the ads, many questions and answers from the past 20 years.

I do not wish to seem vague but it is against FTC (federal trade commission) regulations to provide someone with any form of income claim in relationship to a business opportunity - I never have, nor ever will.

The first thing you have to change is your mindset about being in business for yourself and asking what the "median salary" is? Salary entails working for someone in a job, that is predictable, believe me a business is not.

The export business is even more variable - there are 10's of thousands of products you might choose to work with, each one offers different profit margins and/or commissions depending upon what level you work your business.

Therein lies another variable, most books, government and private write about an export business in terms of an export management company. Although our exporting course will teach you what you need to operate an export management company, it is not what we recommend you start out pursuing unless you have a very large credit line.

So we go back to what we recommend the most, starting out as an export agent/broker. In this area you match buyers to sellers and collect a commission from the seller. Each product of the 10's of thousands out there carry a varied profit margin as well as size of the market.

I currently have contracts with 3 manufacturers of a particular line of products, one started out offering me 20%, I negotiated it down to 10% because I did not want to be involved in the day to day responsibilities a sales rep has to endure. The commissions are payable, basically for as long as we are as under agreement and on for a period of 2 years after. The 2nd company is 5% for the first year because of different circumstances concerning the targeted leads we are providing them. The 3rd is basically like the 1st but starting out at 7% with a raise to 10% after a year.

I have worked with other companies where they paid a set dollar figure per item sold.

I just signed an agreement with a new company that agreed to 10% - another is an exporting business that has offered 20% of his net profit which can be $1000 or 500 for each product sold depending upon the number of these items sold.

Can you begin to see why I cannot and will not provide you a dollar figure?

I would say this, if you need income now or for the next 6 months, this is not the business to get involved in. Sell stuff on Ebay, at least your money is almost immediate.

Second, I would never quit your day job (if you have one) before you have a business generating at least the same amount as your job pays you or more.

Now if you wish to go forward, then read the old archived newsletter from 2001 at:
it contains an interview with an importer exporter who reveals his business income.

Next, the blog post in which I cite some examples of actual exporters I have spoken with and some of the deals they put together, go here:

I would then continue through the blog looking at each post - some are more advertising than others but in there is literally a "wealth" of information you need to use to help you make the most informed decision possible. That is the first decision of a business person, i.e., making an independent decision - not having a boss, supervisor, wife, husband, teacher, coach, professor or other authority figure, just you and your future, your decision.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Run An Import Export Business From Anywhere In The World While Living Rent Free

This post is a little aside from the usual Q & A's that we have been posting lately, yet it does address some questions that I have received in the past and may open your eyes to a world or possibilities you never knew existed.

Operating an Import Export Business encompasses "many" different levels of responsibility. You may start out, as we recommend, working as an export agent or broker by simply matching sellers with buyers and collecting a commission for doing so.

If you wish to expand into being an Export Management Company, where you are actually buying the goods from a manufacturer and reselling them to an importer/buyer, there is far more responsibility (and potential for profit) but it also limits one's ability to take advantage of a unique international lifestyle you are about to discover.

Today, with the computer, Internet and satellite or cell phone technology, you can operate an import export business working as an agent or broker from any location in the world. And, while taking advantage of that freedom, you may even be able to travel the world and live in locations or housing you only ever dreamed about.

What I am talking about here is tying your import export business with international property caretaking. International property caretaking offers you a variety of positions and attracts a diversity of people seeking unique experiences anywhere in the world.

John Powell, is one of these people who has created an interesting lifestyle for himself as a international property caretaker.

"Caretaking is a way of life" John explains. He began his international caretaking lifestyle housesitting for various people. It was not until later that he read an article about it in a magazine. This discovery helped him enter into a whole new way of living and learning.

John discovered caretaking is a great way of seeing the world and he has been a caretaker for properties throughout the world ranging from private homes to estates to resorts in Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, to his most recent, a retreat center in India.

Since 1983, John has been finding housesitting and caretaking positions through a little known publication named "THE CARETAKER GAZETTE", It used to only be available in printed format but Internet has allowed it to be published and delivered immediately by email and on their web site where you may log in from wherever you are (as John now does) and check the latest listings of what's available and "where".

THE CARETAKER GAZETTE provides its subscriber members with 1,000's of property caretaking and housesitting jobs each year.

Now you might be asking, why is he telling me this when I came here looking for information about the importing and exporting business?

If you need to ask that, then you need to got back to the beginning of the post - the why is because the Import Export Business can allow you to take advantage of the type of rent-free living that is available to you by simply caring for some ones property in desirable locations around the world.

Many positions only require a few hours of caretaking a week or a month and they are available on estates, ranches, mansions, resort homes, camps, farms, retreat centers, private islands, fishing and hunting lodges, vacation homes, and any other type of property you can imagine - all are listed in THE CARETAKER GAZETTE which often lists thousands of housesitting jobs each year in all 50 US States, Canada, Mexico and dozens of other countries.

I have been a subscriber for many years and had it not been for several personal family circumstances preventing me from taking advantage of these positions, I would have surely traveled to and taken advantage of the many housesitting jobs THE CARETAKER GAZETTE has notified me about.

I hope this post has enlightened you to new possibilities that you may never have thought of before in both international housesitting jobs as well as how you could operate your import export business from many of these locations while living rent-free. Go check them out for yourself at Caretaker.org

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Import Export Business Q and A


I would like to start a business in Fiji but having difficulty in what business to start. Could you please help me in suggest me with several????


It is difficult for anyone to tell another person what business they should get into - I do not do that with the Import Export business, nor would I be presumptious enough to do so for any other business.

It has to be "your" decision" based on a full evaluation of your interests, your knowledge, availability of various technologies, etc..

I cannot give you my conclusion because it would be based on my life's experience and personal interests.

But, here is what I suggest you consider.

1. If import export is your interest, look around Fiji for areas that you might be able to help bring new or better or cheaper products into the country as an importer. As an exporter - I am not sure what Fiji makes enough of that would be exportable? Possibly furniture, crafts, certain foods (problem with food is it spoils unless preserved).

2. Not sure how easy it would be for you to try and begin selling things on Ebay? That is a suggestion I often give someone who has absolutely no experience in business - it is an idea means of getting experience dealing with customers, etc..

If you do this, then I would suggest building a web site where you can offer goods without selling them thruebay as an added outlet. We have a free ebook on our small business services web page that is very comprehensive on selling on ebay - strongly suggest you download it - I once paid $30 for it and now it is available at no cost through us. Here is a link to the web page: Free Online Ebay Auction Book

3. Internet marketing - this by far may be your easiest way of starting a business from Fiji. You can literally sell anything from anywhere and never have to get involved in the actual processes of buying or selling, i.e., credit cards, inventory, etc., etc..

If you have a fast internet connection (not dialup) you may be interested in an upcoming online course where they are going to start a brand-new business 100% from scratch in less than ONE WEEK -- and they are going to film the entire process and turn it into a FREE video course, so you can see how easily it can be done - here is the link to where you can sign up: http://tinyurl.com/52bjcf

The same company that is putting on this course is the company whose internet marketing course I give the majority credit for our success to without reservation - you can go check their course out at: http://www.importexporthelp.com/redir/internet-marketing-course.htm and you can read my personal testimonial about this course at: Business to Business Ecommerce Internet Marketing Strategies

The above is my best advice for you, especially from a standpoint of where you are located. Remember always that you might start out in one business and it will evolve into other businesses, but the KEY to success in ANY business is GETTING STARTED in something.

Too many people analyze things to death, some spend way too much money on the "guaranteed" success programs, they buy things and never read them, they buy training programs, read them but never take the first step called ACTION.

I hope you will take this advice and move forward with your interests and know that NO ONE else in this world can do it for you - it is your decision and your action that will ultimately get you to success.

I wish you success in whatever you decide to do.

Kindest regards,

Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Import Export Business Q and A Continued


When was the last time it was updated? Most of the
testimonials are old ones so I want to make sure all
information within is up-to-date with any new regulations.


Thank you for advising us that someone actually reads the
testimonials, we were not really sure.

In answer to your question, please find the following

Our import export courses provide pointers to the places to
go to find out about regulations and such because there is
no way a course like ours can teach every regulation about
every product.

In the case of exporting, you will be provided with the
contact information for the new government office where you
can learn if your product needs licensing. For importers,
the courses reinforces your need to contact a specific
government office before making any purchase in order to
learn what restrictions, duties and quotas there might be on
a particular product.

Frankly, the course teaches you (especially relating to
exporting) that your primary job is to identify buyers and
suppliers. Everything else is secondary. And, if you have a
question about a specific process, the course provides
contact information for the organizations and/or people who
are up to date on the latest regulations, requirements, etc.
because that is "their" job.

Bottom line is this, our courses "do not" provide current
regulations/restrictions on importing jewelry or any
particular product but you are provided with a contact so
you can say: "I am planning to import silver jewelry from
Mexico (or other product). What do I need to know before I
go forward with this buy?"

In regards to the overall processes of importing and
exporting, the processes are the same today as they were
twenty years ago when I started. In regards to our courses,
the oldest section of either course is 3 years old but in
regards to the videos, some are quite a bit older but the
information presented on them are still as valid today as
they were when they were first filmed - the info in them is
solid, although no one is talking in any specific way about
regulations in any of them.

Kindest regards,

Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services

Friday, April 04, 2008

Import Export Business Question And Answer


I know you don't need a certificate to start a business but
regarding the commission fees, is there a difference
regarding the income of an agent compared to a broker on the
same transaction(connecting seller to buyer) or is it just a
title difference? Are there certain income the broker can
make that the agent can't just because one has the license?
I'm seriously thinking of starting the business, but I just
need to do a bit of research according to your advice on
the blog.


In regards to the "title" - that is all the difference there
is - whatever you choose to call yourself. I have been
referred to in agreements as the International Sales
Coordinator, International Marketing Consultant, Export
Agent, International Business Broker - bottom line is, I
don't care what they call me as long as they have my name
or my business name spelled correctly on their checks.

You refer to the term "license" - the only licensed
individuals in import export are "Customs Brokers" and they
are not working as agents/brokers for the manufacturer and
earning a commission, they get paid to make sure all the i's
are dotted, t's are crossed on any documentation and
sometimes provide other shipping related assistance. Our
course will teach you who you need to work with to get
the deals done without trying to do it all yourself.