Thursday, April 24, 2008

Car Importing Exporting Business

For OVER THREE YEARS many people who have visited our
Import Export Business Help center web site have been asked
about information on how they can get into the business of
exporting cars or importing cars and although the Import
Export Toolkit self-study course is still the best
international trade training course on the market, it covers
the overall Import Export Business processes required in an
international trade transaction, it can in no way address
each specific or target market such as exporting cars or
importing cars.

While doing research for a new business client I discovered
what these folks have been asking for over the last 3 1/2
years - and it's title is --

The Beginner's Guide To Insider's Guide To
Importing Exporting Automobiles

This new guide comes from two years of research and
writing by a licensed auto dealer. The guide will give you
the insider secrets from the publisher's interviews and
information from the experts in the car business including
shippers, exporters, Department of Commerce personnel,
foreign nationals, foreign embassies and trade associations.

This car exporting and importing training guide (and bonus
resources listed below) has been seen in such renown
publications as Popular Science - Popular Mechanics - Auto
Trader - Old Car Trader - Deals On Wheels.

By the way, I want to emphasize again - this entire training
program is written by a Licensed Car Dealer - someone who
not only talks the talk but who walks the walk!

If you are considering exporting cars from the USA, NOW IS
the BEST TIME EVER to get involved in this business. Have you
looked at the value of the Euro in comparison to the USA

Here are some of the Section Titles from the Table of Contents:

What Vehicles To Sell
Pricing Cars
How to Select A Country
Business Strategy
Importing Vehicles

The items listed above are just a preview of portions of this
valuable car import export business MAIN guide - I said
MAIN GUIDE because there are FOUR (4) Bonus resources you will
get along with the MAIN GUIDE.

Here are the Bonus Resource titles:

1. WHOLESALE CAR AUCTION RULES - Your first visit to a
wholesale auto auction can be exciting and intimidating -
this guide teaches you all the "rules" that "all" attendees
to the wholesale car auctions must follow - you will also
learn the secret of getting the auctioneer to reverse a deal
if you happen to get a lemon.

2. CONTACT INFO AND LOCATIONS FOR 500+ WHOLESALE CAR AUCTIONS - ALL 50 STATES - This guide cost over $200 to compile this directory list -- You can use it to quickly locate the 500+
best places to get cars for exporting at the lowest prices!

3. USED CAR WHOLESALER - This manual gives the complete
details and info on obtaining your car dealers license and
how the car auctions operate.

4. INSIDER'S DICTIONARY - this is your insider's guide to the
language of the auto business - if you don't know what the
terms "car jacket", "bumble bee" or "invisible trucks" are,
then you definitely need this report which contains over
100 car business insider terms used every day - with this
valuable information you too will be able to 'talk the talk'
and sound like and be treated like an old pro rather than
a rookie.

These are not printed manuals - when your payment is
approved you will be redirected to the website where you
will be able to DOWNLOAD Your Main Guide and 4 FREE BONUS
reports - they are all available, right NOW and you can
have all of them in 10 minutes or less!

  • Immediate download. You get them NOW!
  • Easy to read
  • Can be read with any Windows Computer or Apple Mac
  • No waiting for shipment and snail mail delivery
  • No paying the high cost of shipping and handling
  • You can read all of them on your computer or you can
    print one or all of them out for easy off-line reading

The amount of targeted car exporting and importing business
information contained in the main guide and bonus reports
go far beyond the small investment this experienced auto
trader is asking and I in fact recommend they raise the
price because of the incredible amount of valuable inside
information they are revealing.

Go check it out for your self now, and if you are
one of those many people who called or emailed me in
the past few years asking for information that specifically
addressed importing or exporting cars, just go get this
training package because this is "exactly" what you have
been searching for.

Last, for any of you international trade customers who
have purchased our Exporters Master Package, Importers
Business training kit or the Import Export Toolkit - you
still have the most comprehensive courses available for
the overall Import and Export business, however, if
exporting cars or importing cars is an area you have
considered specializing in, the I strongly urge you
to invest in this guide and bonus materials as it will
provide you with the specialized training you need for
that target market.

This is the best (and only) specialized training
information package of it's kind that I have found and the
fact the gentleman who published it is a licensed car
dealer himself means you are getting experience, not just

If you are interested in car exporting or importing, then
Go NOW, check it out and invest in your business by getting
your own copy:

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