Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Import Export Business Q and A


I would like to start a business in Fiji but having difficulty in what business to start. Could you please help me in suggest me with several????


It is difficult for anyone to tell another person what business they should get into - I do not do that with the Import Export business, nor would I be presumptious enough to do so for any other business.

It has to be "your" decision" based on a full evaluation of your interests, your knowledge, availability of various technologies, etc..

I cannot give you my conclusion because it would be based on my life's experience and personal interests.

But, here is what I suggest you consider.

1. If import export is your interest, look around Fiji for areas that you might be able to help bring new or better or cheaper products into the country as an importer. As an exporter - I am not sure what Fiji makes enough of that would be exportable? Possibly furniture, crafts, certain foods (problem with food is it spoils unless preserved).

2. Not sure how easy it would be for you to try and begin selling things on Ebay? That is a suggestion I often give someone who has absolutely no experience in business - it is an idea means of getting experience dealing with customers, etc..

If you do this, then I would suggest building a web site where you can offer goods without selling them thruebay as an added outlet. We have a free ebook on our small business services web page that is very comprehensive on selling on ebay - strongly suggest you download it - I once paid $30 for it and now it is available at no cost through us. Here is a link to the web page: Free Online Ebay Auction Book

3. Internet marketing - this by far may be your easiest way of starting a business from Fiji. You can literally sell anything from anywhere and never have to get involved in the actual processes of buying or selling, i.e., credit cards, inventory, etc., etc..

If you have a fast internet connection (not dialup) you may be interested in an upcoming online course where they are going to start a brand-new business 100% from scratch in less than ONE WEEK -- and they are going to film the entire process and turn it into a FREE video course, so you can see how easily it can be done - here is the link to where you can sign up:

The same company that is putting on this course is the company whose internet marketing course I give the majority credit for our success to without reservation - you can go check their course out at: and you can read my personal testimonial about this course at: Business to Business Ecommerce Internet Marketing Strategies

The above is my best advice for you, especially from a standpoint of where you are located. Remember always that you might start out in one business and it will evolve into other businesses, but the KEY to success in ANY business is GETTING STARTED in something.

Too many people analyze things to death, some spend way too much money on the "guaranteed" success programs, they buy things and never read them, they buy training programs, read them but never take the first step called ACTION.

I hope you will take this advice and move forward with your interests and know that NO ONE else in this world can do it for you - it is your decision and your action that will ultimately get you to success.

I wish you success in whatever you decide to do.

Kindest regards,

Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services


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