Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best Business To Start In China

I am often asked about what type of business would be best to start in China. Most people here in the USA and Canada are quite surprised whent they receive my reply.

The best business is one you can actually start and operate from the USA or Canada and it actually helps businesses both save money on their production and possibly stay in business.

Check out the full text of my answer here:

Best Business To Start In China


Blogger Joe Crawford said...

Great post. Import/export is a lucrative idea. Apparently it is much eisier to get started than many think. I opperate a turnkey home business in the U.S. that utilizes the personal development industry. A person can literally be in business in a couple days and it cost under a few thousand dollars to get started. Business is changing rapidly. Small operations that use a less costly business model have opportunity.

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