Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Disaster For Most New Importers

This post will hopefully help anyone or any
business contemplating importing products avoid disaster.

The disaster that most new importers experience is they are
blinded by the "hype" of great wealth and riches from
importing cheap, low cost merchandise and after their money
is sent, the merchandise is on it's way or already sitting
in their garage or storage facility, they reach the stark
reality of not knowing how or who to market it to.

When I am able to talk with one of these budding importer
entrepreneurs, I highly recommend to them that they develop
their market, before they go and buy a containerload of
products that they may end up having to sell for a nickel
or dime on the dollar - enter the disaster many actually

My primary recommendation for developing your market it
by selling products on Ebay. Learning what sells, what
doesn't. Learning the basics of customer service, order
fulfillment, order processing and shipping costs.

During the process of selling these goods on Ebay, they
learn the lessons of doing business that are truly necessary
to avoid a disaster of major proportions.

Now Ebay has made some very major changes recently and
quite frankly I believe you should take advantage of
several new F*REE videos that are being made available
before moving into using this huge marketing powerhouse.

Now the remainder of this update is from the publisher of
these F*REE videos and a brand new updated course on
marketing and selling via Ebay.

If nothing else, watch the videos and even if you do not
get their course (which I recommend you do) but if you
do not, you will still learn a lot of valuable information
about marketing and selling on this huge marketplace.

By the way, Ebay is not just for stuff up in the attic
or in the garage, there are many multi-million dollar
businesses that are selling their goods in this huge,
most highly trafficed marketplace on the Internet.

Now here are the details on the new course and F*REE
videos - you can skip the rest of the description and
go there right now using the following link or continue
to read more details - your choice -

You could be making literally thousands of dollars a year
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can learn how to do it for FREE!

Let me explain...

Derek Gehl and his in-house team of experts have been spending
the past few MONTHS analyzing all of the latest developments
and changes at eBay, the world's biggest online marketplace...

... and they've applied what they've learned to create a simple,
three-step system you can follow to rake in a healthy chunk
of the $60 BILLI0N that exchanges hands on eBay every YEAR!

And the best part?

Derek's laid out the entire profitable system in a set of
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First, he's going to reveal the number one mistake that nearly
EVERY new "eBayer" makes when they're getting started
(it's a BIGGIE, and it can stop you COLD from ever making

After that, he'll explain his secret three-step formula
for evaluating ANY item to determine if it'll be a HOT
seller... teach you how to find hungry markets that are
BEGGING to buy what you're selling...

... and wrap up this three-video series by looking at what's
new and different at eBay, and explaining EXACTLY how to
take advantage of the recent changes to start profiting
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This system is FULL of secret strategies that virtually
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It's also been tested and proven by his own elite group of
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That is all for this update. Take care until next time.

Ron Coble
Coble International
International Business Trade Center

P.S. The sooner you watch these FREE eBay videos, the sooner
you'll be able to swoop in and start making HUGE profits
while your competitors are still struggling to learn about
all the changes!

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