Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Key To Your Long Term Import Export Business Success

I want to once again emphasize the importance of the Internet
in the long term success of your international trade business.

Whether you are trying to market the products you are importing
or attempting to promote or market a manufacturer's product
to a worldwide audience, the Internet is your LONG TERM KEY

Our little web site has generated hundreds of thousands of
dollars in sales, not only for the import export business
services we offer but for the manufacturer's that we have and
still do market on our "little web site that could".

The total of the value of services and products that we have
marketed through our simple little web site actually amounts
to well over SEVERAL MILLIONS of dollars.

I am talking about overall value of the products that the
manufacturer's or service providers we represent as agents
have sold (or we have sold) because of our SIMPLE LITTLE WEB

The success of our web site began with the purchase of a
course back in 1998. I attribute 75% of our success to what
I learned from that course (the other 25% is my own tenacity
and perseverance).

But, I needed that course to motivate and show me what I
needed to do in order to make the Internet work for me.

Now that same course, which came in two large 3 ring binders
has been made available online and if you were scared to
spend a little money to develop your future using the Internet
due to the lack of money, then you need to read this to the
end because I've got something that's going to ELIMINATE that
hurdle for you...

I've just heard from my friends at the Internet Marketing Center,
(the publisher of the course that got me started using the
Internet as my tool to bigger success than I could have ever
imagined) and they've agreed to let me offer you a 30-Day Trial
to their #1 best-selling profit system,
"Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet!"

So for one full MONTH, you can have UNLIMITED access to the same
step-by-step Internet business-building system that I, like
thousands of others have already used to make their fortunes

Activate your trial today and you will uncover easy techniques
for creating winning websites, even if you have NO technical
experience... for driving throngs of visitors from around the
world straight to your new site (for FREE)... and MORE.

Using the techniques revealed in this course our traffic to
our site quadrupled within a week of implementing them and
our website now receives well over 50,000 visitors monthly.

During your 30 day Trial, you can use as MANY of these
proven profit-generating strategies to create YOUR new
site as you *want*!

This is your best opportunity to "test drive" the Internet
system that's created more six-figure incomes than any
other -- WITHOUT RISK.

To activate your 30-Day Trial of "Insider Secrets," just
follow this link:

In LESS than 5 minutes, you'll have unlimited access to this
entire system, so you can start building YOUR new, highly
profitable international business website TODAY!

Ron Coble
Coble International Business Services
(the little website that could)

P.S. My IMC friends are telling me that they have not decided
how long to offer the 30-Day "Insider Secrets" Trial offer,
so if you want UNLIMITED access to this entire step-by-step
blueprint for making money online, you'll need to activate your
trial NOW:

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Import Export Business Tips

Free eBook Excerpt

"42 Rules of Cold Calling Executives"

Understand the dynamics of a cold call and how you can manage those to get results.

Many sales professionals find cold calling difficult and unpleasant, yet the 42 Rules gives them ways to redesign their thinking, approach, practices, and tools, to get the best possible results. The full eBook contains some of the fundamental principles Mari Anne Vanella has developed over the course of her career. Her clients and her own company use this approach to execute the top performing programs in the industry for the past seven years.

This eBook excerpt includes:

Rule #2
Rule #3
Rule #4
About the Author
Prepared by Superstar Press; Sponsored by Super Star Press.

Geographic Eligibility: Selected International Countries

Offered by: Super Star Press

Get your FREE Excerpt at:


American Business Lists are available by SIC code, by state,
by city or by just about any parameter you need for the
success of your direct marketing campaign.

We just finished 51 new web pages for the
web site under the new directory of "targeted business lists".

You can review these 51 state (and Washington DC) web pages
through their links at the bottom of our main
American Business Lists web page. Check them out today!

------------------------------------------------------ can provide you with due diligence reports
on any company in the world - any size, any location,
any industry.

Globis is the source for the US Dept. of Commerce's
reports on Chinese companies. The basic report is
under US$250 and is always freshly investigated, so
the info is as current as possible. See more info,
sample reports, and pricing at


DIVERSIFICATION - that is the key to success and long term
viability of your international business.

A little known marketplace that you may be able to sell
your goods to is the United Nations.

The most effective way to approach the United Nations is to understand that despite the fact that UN headquarters is in New York, the UN has the same status as a sovereign country. So, selling to the UN is similar to selling to the Canadian government or any other public sector export market.

The most effective way to approach the United Nations is to understand that despite the fact that UN headquarters is in New York, the UN has the same status as a sovereign country. So, selling to the UN is similar to selling to the Canadian government or any other public sector export market. Being a US company confers some strategic advantage as US firms can visit the UN headquarters easily, but beyond that, competition for UN contracts is global and intense. Canada and the Scandinavian countries are key competitors, operating with strong governmental advocacy and financial support for their industry. Inside the UN, there is an international culture, so ithelps to be a seasoned exporter.

To get started, get on the UN Procurement Service website and bookmark it:

Your may Download and print out their General Business Guide, which serves as a roadmap to the UN agencies, what they buy and how they do business:

The Procurement Service requires that suppliers be solid, solvent, stable. The UN can’t afford to have a vendor go bankrupt in the middle of a Peacekeeping Mission, so the Procurement Division requires vendor registration.


Money-$aving tip: If you take an empty toner
cartridge to Office Depot, Office Max or Staples,
they will give you a credit of approximately $3
towards the purchase of anything in their store.
Note: most have a limit of one trade per visit.
Also, call to verify that the offer is still valid
at your local office supply stores - I just called
our local stores and it was still in effect. So,
save your cartridges. If you have to buy another
cartridge, take in the old one for a nice credit.

Another Money-$aving tip: When your toner cartridge
starts running low, leaving streaks in the
middle of your pages, simply remove the cartridge,
shake vigorously from side to side, and re-insert
it. You will get another couple of hundred pages,
minimum. This strategy is especially important
when you don't have a spare cartridge on hand,
and you are printing out something that need
completed immediately.

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