Friday, September 04, 2009

How To Price A Product

Pricing your products or services is one of the single most important marketing decisions that business owners must make. Especially if you are using the Internet to market your products and/or services because time waits for no business when dealing with the speed of cyberspace. Potential customers have instant access to tons of information and your competitors are a mere mouse click away.

You must get the price right... the first time because in the digital marketplace, there are very few second chances. "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" helps you turn your website visitors into pricing experts.

This FREE course provides your website visitors with the strategies and info they need to determine the "Perfect Price." This course details background pricing theory, profiling target markets, key business models and the importance of a product or services perceived value, and much more.

These factors represent the big picture for your visitors to consider. The perfect price is most important when you are actually at the point of selling and monetization is merely the 4th of the four-step CTPM process. Here is a break down of the ultimate online success equation...

Right Processes + Great Products(or Services) + Perfect Price = Customer Satisfaction

You may download your FREE "Make Your Price Sell - Masters Course" by clicking on this link.

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