Sunday, February 28, 2010

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Exporting Business

Question: How much money do I need to start an exporting business?

Answer: It Depends.

This is a business that can be worked in "many" different ways. How
you choose to work it will dictate the amount of money you will need
to have to get started.

You will need our export business training package which is $316.00
and at a minimum a one year subscription to our export trade leads
service (lists new importers weekly) for $95.00 so there you have
about $411.00.

If you do not have a computer, you will need one - they are very
inexpensive compared to when I first got started and you do not need
the fastest, highest tech one if all you are using it for is to send
and receive emails and type up letters or fax messages.

You can get a really nice Dell with all the bells and whistles you
will need for about $500. If you already have a computer, you do
not need to count this as a cost item to get started.

There are a couple of software items that I recommend and use myself
that are referred to you when you buy our course, all total they
might run about $100 or less but they are optional and may already
be included with the newest Dell computers. So again, this is an
optional cost.

A telephone, which most people have and if they do not, you can get
a tracfone at Walmart with about 400-800 minutes of time for a full
year for about $100. Here again, you probably already have a phone
so listing this as a cost is probably not necessary.

BIT OF ADVICE: If you are going to receive voicemail messages on your
phone, don't have your child do the recording or some weird music
playing in the background, be professional in your voicemail message
or people will hang up without leaving a message.

If you feel your voice does not project a professional image, get a
friend or relative to record it for you - write up a script for them
(or yourself) to make it easier when you (they) are ready to record.

If you are going to be in business, you first impression to someone
may be your voicemail message.

Now if you have your phone and computer already, then our exporters
master training package and a subscription to export leads is really
all you need to get started (after you have studied the course) if
you are going the route that is recommended by both our publisher
and myself.

What is that route? working as an Agent/Broker.

Now is you insist on doing things the hard way and going right into
being an export management company, then the cost can go up and
there is literally no way anyone, including me, can provide you with
an estimate of cost.

As an export management company, you better be prepared financially
to assume the risk and cost of buying the goods you are going to
then mark up for a profit and resell to a buyer/importer.

Yes, there are ways of doing the business as an export management
company that can be financed through other methods but all forms
of financing and letters of credit have become more difficult with
the worldwide banking situation. It can be done, but it is much
more difficult today than 2 years ago.

As an agent/broker you can help importers find suppliers and suppliers
(manufacturers) find buyers (importers) by using the export trade
leads subscription service referred to above.

In working the business as an agent/broker you may do so in many
different ways and in varying degrees of responsibility and still get
paid a commission for bringing a supplier new business which they
would not have had if it were not for you introducing them to the
new buyer/importer.

As an agent/broker, your total cost to get started basically is
what has been stated in the above paragraphs.

There is ONE other cost which no one can really provide you an
answer for and that is HOW MUCH TIME will it cost me before I make
any profits in this business? Sorry, NO ONE can answer that question
but you.

Hope this will help answer the proverbial question of "how much
will it cost to get started in the exporting business".

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services
International Business and Trade Help Center

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Promoting Exports Via The Internet

For anyone who has read most or many of our blog posts and/or our Global B2B update newsletters, you have probably grown tired of my constant haranguing on you about promoting your export products online.

After looking at this past year's sales totals, I decided to reveal some information that should really put your mind at ease about how elaborate a web page or site has to be to help you sell a product both domestically and internationally.

Our one little web page promoting
Private Label Vitamin Manufacturers generated over $250,840 in new business for the vendors who we are contracted with. Now granted, $250,840 is not a lot in the world of business, but that is basically what was generated from that ONE LITTLE WEB PAGE and you can see for yourself by clicking through the above link how "unfancy" or "unsophisticated" this web page really is - go take a look and see how simple international marketing can be if you will simply learn the processes and begin to take action.

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