Friday, February 05, 2010

Promoting Exports Via The Internet

For anyone who has read most or many of our blog posts and/or our Global B2B update newsletters, you have probably grown tired of my constant haranguing on you about promoting your export products online.

After looking at this past year's sales totals, I decided to reveal some information that should really put your mind at ease about how elaborate a web page or site has to be to help you sell a product both domestically and internationally.

Our one little web page promoting
Private Label Vitamin Manufacturers generated over $250,840 in new business for the vendors who we are contracted with. Now granted, $250,840 is not a lot in the world of business, but that is basically what was generated from that ONE LITTLE WEB PAGE and you can see for yourself by clicking through the above link how "unfancy" or "unsophisticated" this web page really is - go take a look and see how simple international marketing can be if you will simply learn the processes and begin to take action.

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Blogger Jim said...

At present, I'm taking a course at NYU on Import/Export Finance. It started several weeks ago, however, had I found your site I might have been tempted to take your course instead. Be that as it may, this class is giving me a comprehensive look at the industry from an instructor who owns and operates an import/export company, as well as a information from a guest speaker from US. Commercial services. Also, the instructor has availed himself to giving help and answering questions long after the course is completed.

Having said all that, I wanted to run something by you and pick your brain, so to speak. I have 12 years of experience with the web, operating systems, cross-platform browsers, search engines, and online/offline applications for both Mac and Windows, etc.). I also have first-hand experience with setting up a business, although it has been awhile. After reading this post, it would seem to me that, in concert, that skill-set should give me a good foundation with regard to promoting exports via the internet. I should add that I have no particular product in mind, however, I am researching a few ideas.

Any thoughts?

7:24 AM  
Blogger Successful Investment Articles said...

Well the fact that still remain is internet marketing is one of the best strategies in business, an exporting business who have an online presence have great advantage on growing, their organizational development services is much wider than those business whose just in old fashion way of marketing an export business.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Ron Coble said...

Hi Jim, I have posted a lengthly reply as a new post on April 10th, 2010. Hope you will receive a notice about it and take a few minutes to read through. thanks for asking your questions! Ron Coble

11:00 AM  

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