Monday, April 12, 2010

New Import Export Business Question And Answer

Question: I'm aware that no specific qualificatons are required for an importing/exporting business, but wont certain companies that i maybe want to buy products from request for some kind of reference number or regestration number?

Answer: Based on the phone number you provided, I know you are not resident to
the USA.

There are so many different governmental organizations in the world that
NO ONE source can give you an answer for all of them. YOU will have to
research this in your country to find out if it is required.

In the USA, "some" manufacturers may request your sales tax ID number,
but here again, not all 50 states have a sales tax (yet). I keep hearing from
a Canadian business we deal with about them being a "numbered" corporation.
Some day, when I have time to be curious, I will ask them about it, but
quite frankly as long as they keep sending us our commission checks, I
really do not care, except out of curiosity.

Each country, province, state, county district may have their own requirements,
you have to do that type of research yourself as that is all part of going into
this business or any business.

Kindest regards,

Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question. How long does it take to close a deal from beginning to end?

2:20 PM  
Blogger Ron Coble said...

There is no set timeframe for this type of business. There are hundreds of thousands of different products being exchanged around the world each day, each takes a different amount of time to manufacture, etc.. Botom line, it takes as long as it takes, there is NO set timetable when it comes to negotiation and remember, everything is negotiable.

5:16 PM  
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