Thursday, May 27, 2010

Importing Business Question & Answer

Question: I've been searching for a guide that would show me how to setup
an import business, with information such as taxes, forms, etc. I'm
interested in importing jewelry from Asia countries to sell here in the
U.S. Are you selling any guides like that?

Answer: I assume you are referring to duties on imported products and
this is covered in our Importing Business course.

A lot of the necessary forms can be supplied by the customs
broker or the U.S. Customs office. Our course focuses more on identifying
suppliers and buyers and a whole lot of time is not wasted on supporting
paperwork which is really incidental to the process.

Our importing business training self-study course provides some sample
forms and the like but we really try to encourage new traders not
to obsess over paperwork and to focus instead on the business of
identifying suppliers and buyers. Importers (you) simply need to know how
important it is to check with U.S. Customs in advance of importing. They
will provide the details on quotas, duties and special requirements.

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