Monday, June 28, 2010

Import Export Courses Now Available Via Online Delivery

We will soon have the information and new LOWER PRICES and
FASTER DELIVERY info posted to their respective web pages, but for now,
we are posting the announcement of the NEW ONLINE DELIVERY of the
Import and Export business courses here in our blog.

Basically, all the course files that were placed on CD roms, packaged in a fancy
looking box and then shipped sometimes taking 2-3 weeks due to the customs
clearance delays in your country are now being made available online via a
password accessible dedicated member website.

You will need a broadband connection to download the files, so please
keep that in mind as you make a decision.

Now, in addition to the much faster delivery, the prices will be changed shortly to
reflect the basic shipping costs being taken off the price.

Here is the link to the combined Import Export Toolkit course (components are
outlined on the web page) -

*** Note the stated price is $424 and $25 would have been added for overseas shipment - NOW (and this may change to a higher price) you can get ALL the
materials via direct member site download for only $409.00US.

If you were only interested in either the exporting or importing courses, here are their direct links and new online delivery prices:
Importing Course - Price on page is $160 and $25 would have been required to

ship --

Last, just the Exporting Course - Price stated on webpage is $316 plus $25 to

ship overseas - NOW online delivery price is only $301.00 -

Now even if you are in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Australia or
wherever you are in the world, you do not need to be held hostage to the mercies
of your customs bureau for delivering your course. Within 1 Business Day of
placing your order, you will receive your Password and UserID to use

to get ALL the course materials directly downloaded to your computer.
Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to verify your Chinese Buyers, Partners or Suppliers?

I cannot take credit for much of the following - it was posted anonymously in a business forum that I belong to and is some of the best advice anywhere on how to verify Chinese suppliers or buyers. If the anonymous poster to that forum would like to contact me and have his bio added to this valuable information, I would be happy to do so. I have edited the remarks to some degree, but the majority is just as it was posted:

Most Chinese business people are good and trustworthy, but like bussinesses and individuals in all countries, some fraudsters or liars do exist. A lot of business people outside of China are often confused by the business registration and credit status of Chinese companies and find it difficult verifying information about them. Based on my 8+ years of business experience *(the forum poster) with our Chinese suppliers and partners, I have summarized some useful and practical tips as follows:

  1. Checking the contact information - In order to avoid being traced by law enforcement authorities, most scammers will not offer genuine registration information online. They will provide a false company address, telephone number and fax number or persuade buyers to contact them by mobile phone only.

    You should be aware of the companies that only provide you with mobile phone number (such as 86-1580000 0000). Normally, legitimate businesses will use a land line telephone instead of mobile phone number. Some Chinese friends told me that you can buy hundreds of mobile phone numbers if you like, and there are no restrictions or limitations. That is why scammers always use mobile phone numbers instead of landline telephones. Take a standard China telephone number for example, such as 86 755 3333 3333, “86” is the country code of China, “755” area code, and “3333 3333” telephone number. Therefore, you can do some basic check of the location of the telephone number using “area code”.

  2. Checking their business license and credit status - Legal companies in China have to register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a unique company registration number. If your business partner cannot offer you a unique company registration number, it is risky to deal with them. To check the registration number your supplier provided, you need to visit their local administrative government website with the number they provided. However, you should be aware that most government websites in China are written in Chinese. You can also contact their local Bureau of Industry & Commerce, which is the only government organization responsible for the registration of legitimate companies or enterprises in China. You can ask friends in China to help you verify this company.

    You can also use a third-party authentication service company in China to help you verify information, such as OrientCredit, SMR, Inter-credit, or some other credit reporting companies in China. NOTE FROM RON COBLE: you may also wish to contact a Chinese trade representative at the Chinese embassy in Washington DC - you can find their contact details at

  3. Incredibly low prices or high commission rate - most Chinese scammers will lure buyers with very low prices. If the prices they offer are too good to be true, you should investigate why their prices are so low. Most scammers in China make a profit by selling replicas or fakes of branded goods to overseas buyers. This is very risky because the goods could be confiscated or detained by Chinese customs if they are considered illegal in China.

  4. Payment and shipment terms - the scammers never accept L/C as a term of payment. They prefer Western Union, and T/T etc. They also never deliver goods through formal channels; preferring instead to deliver samples Express by Fedex, TNT, EMS to avoid examinations from Chinese customs. Scammers never accept Letter of Credit (LC) payments but there are some small factories they don't have their professional foreign trading staff, so they do not dare to accept LC as they could be refused by negotiating bank, and because they are small and do not have enough operating funds so they would like to receive T/T 30% or 50% in advance. For sample orders and smaller shipments, consider using an escrow service or Western union.

  5. Visit their company or factory in person - everybody agrees that the best and ultimate way is to visit these companies; you can't know much about a company unless you visit it. But I think this is some kind of second stage of negotiation. Because you may receive a lot of offers by many different Chinese suppliers, and it’s impossible for you to go to all of their factories one by one and therefore you should narrow your selections before deciding to visit their office or plant in person.
PS: During (forum poster's) years of business experience with our Chinese partners, we found that it is very important to acquire the credit information of them at the first stage and then you may determine whether you to resume the negotiations or not. Because you should not trust the information published by suppliers on B2B website because in most instances it is misleading. Some researchers have said (I am not sure about the data, because I am not a researcher.), only about 53% of verified companies are the same as they described in B2B Websites; 21% of them are overstated for their business condition; and 26% of those companies, turned out to be a scammer. Finally, there is an old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”; you should always keep in mind!"

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Motivation To Succeed In The Import Export Business

Most of this post is attributed to my old business friend and associate,
Jim Straw, who has over 50 years of success in various businesses and
is considered one of the top marketing gurus who continues to operate
his business while well into his 80's.

This came to me as part of an email and I thought it appropriate to
post here since motivation or "coaching" is a key factor in the decision
of which Import Export Business training course people select.

Jim's post begins here.....

Here lately, I've been reading a lot about *How to Motivate Your Sales
Team* in the multitude of ezines I receive.

As always, the ideas ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime.

To be quite frank with you, I have never tried to "motivate" any of
my sales people (dealers, associates, affiliates, whatever). I always figured
that those individuals who were "real" would take the bull by the horns
and make the sales to make the money, because ...

In the words of Andrew Carnegie:

"There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not
help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless

he be willing to climb himself."

Beyond that, as Frank Tibolt said:

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a
thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom
generates action."

Rather than wasting my time trying to "motivate" people, I have always
spent my time supporting the efforts of those who were doing something.

So ... please don't wait for me to start
"motivating" you. -- It won't happen. -- But ...

As always, I am here to answer any questions.

Don't be bashful. -- Anytime you have any kind of question, just ASK!

I may not tell you what you want to hear ... like the b.s. artists do
... but, I will tell you the facts of the matter as I know them to be from
my over 50 years hands-on experience in the business community. -- That's
what I'm here for. -- Your success is just as important to me as it is
to you because, when YOU succeed, I succeed, too.

Feel free to pick my brain.

And, remember what Charles Steinmetz said:

"No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions."

I ain't from the government, but I am here to help you.

.....end of Jim Straw's email.

My (Ron Coble's) further comments.......

Although our Importing course and Exporting course and the combo
Import Export Toolkit course offer email consulting for ONE FULL YEAR
that allows you to ask any question you want in that time, many people
opt to pay THOUSANDS of dollars more for the promise of being able
to TALK to someone by phone.

Whether it is an inherent need to have someone "coaching" them or
"motivating" them, they are spending thousands of dollars and untold
hours of precious time on a promise that I have yet to have anyone
tell me helps them reach ANY success in this business.

As Jim mentions in his email text above, the Email consulting that is
offered with our courses will provide you with answers....although they
may not be the answers you are seeking.

For instance, if you submit a question that we know is covered in the
body of the course, then you will receive an answer referencing that
portion so "YOU" may read that section and learn and make your
own decisions accordingly.

Other answers you may not like are when you are so enthusiastic about
a deal offered to you but the answer comes back to stay away from it.
We are not deal killers but if you ask about something that we have
prior knowledge of, that is the answer you will get, we are not going to
tailor our answers to meet your hoped for expectations. Reality is
what it is and sometimes it sucks!

Additionally, you cannot expect someone else to learn ALL the aspects
of a particular deal you are trying to put together so much so that you
are really seeking a confirmation of your decision to move forward or
not. There is NO profit incentive for us to get involved in your deals and
quite frankly we have NO interest in becoming silent partners with
everyone who purchases our "HOW TO" course.

I covered this in a previous post about making "DECISIONS". Making
decisions is what separates the successes from the failures and having
some minimum wage or commission paid rep on the other end of the
phone giving their totally unqualified "OPINION" is a sure recipe for

It was interesting that I received Jim Straw's email today because I had
been thinking about how MOST people are simply not cut out to get
involved in international trade. They view the business as a "get rich
quick" scheme or "how do I make money" opportunity and it simply is
not suited for that type of mentality, although most purveyors of import
export training would have you believe otherwise.

Hope this post will enlighten those who really have an interest in getting
started in the Import and/or Export business and also help save those
who are in need of constant motivation or who are looking at import
export as a "money making opportunity" from spending their hard earned
money on some useless program that promises to hold their hand while
skipping down the yellow brick road to riches.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

International Business Resources

Here are some FREE B2B resources that may only be available for
a short period of time - they are provided FREE of charge -

Discover How Factoring Can Work For Your Company

Factoring allows your business to get money quickly without
the hassle of getting a bank involved. This free guide
explains the tips and tricks of finding a factoring service
that fits your monetary needs and also comes with price
quotes from pre-screened vendors so you can compare invoice
factoring prices. In order to receive a loan from factoring
companies, you must have outstanding invoices that you can
sell over to the factoring company. The factoring company
will take on the invoice debt and give you the money.

Click Here to Register for this FREE Factoring guide today.


America's Source for Wholesale Merchandise, is the leading
business magazine for independent retail store owners,
wholesalers, distributors and closeout buyers

COVER Magazine delivers no-nonsense business news and
feature stories designed to improve the retailer's everyday
business operations. Each monthly issue also provides
hundreds of merchandise offerings from America's leading
wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. Editorial coverage
includes the latest industry news, trends, new products and
marketing strategies that are invaluable to the independent

Click Here to Register for your FREE COVER magazine


"5 Steps to a White Paper that Pulls in the Perfect Prospect –
Free 25 Page eBook"

This eBook is a must-read for those who want to take their
white papers and lead generation to the next level.

As a B2B lead generation tool, white papers are all the rage –
just about every technology company produces them.
Unfortunately, countless companies fail to connect with the
right prospects because they commit one or more critical white
paper mistakes. White papers are a tried-and-true tool for
generating leads, establishing thought leadership, and
educating prospects. In fact, technology marketers have
become quite adept at churning them out.

Which brings us to the problem – how can you help make sure
your offering stands out in the sea of white papers? Arm
yourself with this practical advice to:

  • Deliver relevant, valuable, and compelling information that
    turns prospects into buyers
  • Format to ensure even busy executives read your paper
  • Craft an attention-grabbing title
  • Increase the likelihood of registration
  • Reap the rewards of reciprocity

Offered Free by: Ten Ton Marketing

Click Here to Register for this FREE 25 Page E-book today.

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