Monday, June 28, 2010

Import Export Courses Now Available Via Online Delivery

We will soon have the information and new LOWER PRICES and
FASTER DELIVERY info posted to their respective web pages, but for now,
we are posting the announcement of the NEW ONLINE DELIVERY of the
Import and Export business courses here in our blog.

Basically, all the course files that were placed on CD roms, packaged in a fancy
looking box and then shipped sometimes taking 2-3 weeks due to the customs
clearance delays in your country are now being made available online via a
password accessible dedicated member website.

You will need a broadband connection to download the files, so please
keep that in mind as you make a decision.

Now, in addition to the much faster delivery, the prices will be changed shortly to
reflect the basic shipping costs being taken off the price.

Here is the link to the combined Import Export Toolkit course (components are
outlined on the web page) -

*** Note the stated price is $424 and $25 would have been added for overseas shipment - NOW (and this may change to a higher price) you can get ALL the
materials via direct member site download for only $409.00US.

If you were only interested in either the exporting or importing courses, here are their direct links and new online delivery prices:
Importing Course - Price on page is $160 and $25 would have been required to

ship --

Last, just the Exporting Course - Price stated on webpage is $316 plus $25 to

ship overseas - NOW online delivery price is only $301.00 -

Now even if you are in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Australia or
wherever you are in the world, you do not need to be held hostage to the mercies
of your customs bureau for delivering your course. Within 1 Business Day of
placing your order, you will receive your Password and UserID to use

to get ALL the course materials directly downloaded to your computer.
Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services

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Blogger Steve St Clair said...

Hi Ron,
"Where there's a will, there's a way." I couldn't agree more. We have a client who opened a jewelry business in the U.S. and does business using one of our U.S. business addresses. He's operating from Japan, but his U.S. customers think he's in New York. When they see his beautiful work, they don't care where he's from.

Your training course looks totally solid to me. I'm not expert, but I like the way you say 'no a subject matter expert in ALL types of products..." You have a straightforward approach.

Would you consider reviewing the product the above-mentioned jeweler used to set up and operate his U.S. business presence? As a seasoned pro, we'd love your input -

A blog I maintain is at that link. I'd appreciate any feedback whatsoever.


3:07 PM  

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