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Get Real About Your Import Export Business

Getting real about your Import Export business in todays Internet
age involves some expenses, any real business does, fortunately,

with all the competition out there, the expenses are very small in
comparison to starting most other types of businesses.

Getting Real about your business means first and foremost, taking
action once you have made the decision to get off of your ass and
get started. YES, it takes your action, not some "mentor" or
high-priced personal guide - YOU are the key to YOUR success and
YOUR action is necessary to succeed once you have studied and
understand the processes.

But you have heard or read that before if you have been on this
blog for any length of time.

So let's talk about a super, small, baby step action you can take,
if you are serious about GETTING REAL about your business.

In the past 10 years, we have received well over ONE MILLION
dollars in fraudulent orders. Some were easy to spot, others have
become more difficult, but in that time we have not lost one
cent to fraudsters and have learned some very valuable lessons
on what to look for, one of which I will now pass along to you.

In almost 90% of the fraudulent orders received, the fraudster
used a free email address such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

So, literally, any order that we now receive from anyone with a
Yahoo or Hotmail account IMMEDIATELY gets the FULL scam screening
procedures, most of which are outlined on our company page at under the "due diligence" resources.

In the past 10 years, I have spoken with and corresponded with
thousands of other business people around the world and Yahoo
and Hotmail email addresses have grown into an instant delete
or filtered to spam due to the high incidence of them being used
by spammers, scammers and the business wannabees who are NOT
really serious about success and are nothing but a waste of TIME
for these business people (remember TIME IS MONEY).

Email is a terrible way to try and make initial contact with
any business person to begin organizations that
track this kind of thing state upwards of 70% or more of all
emails NEVER reach the intended party and those that do are
often deleted without viewing if they have FREE email addresses.

Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses are an immediate flag to most
businesses that the sender is not a serious contender and will
many time, if not more often than not, be ignored and deleted.

Yes, I have and still do recommend the use of email
addresses up to a point. I believe that they too will ultimately
reach the level of filtering that yahoo and hotmail addresses
receive in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, I am
seeing an incredible level of spam and scam emails in my
numerous gmail accounts, even those I have never made public.

Another BIG reason for recommending you get away from Yahoo and
Hotmail is the filtering issues. They control the level of what gets
through to your inbox and what gets filtered, gmail is not near as
restrictive as Yahoo and Hotmail, but again, I expect that to change
in the not to distant future.

So what are you to do?

You can either set up an entire website that normally provides you
with a huge amount of email addresses that you create or in some
cases Unlimited numbers.

The building of a website does not need to be the very first thing
you need to do but when you are ready, the service I recommend to
beginning website builders that has MORE help and assistance than
any other I have found yet may be reviewed at:

Web Hosting - DIY Step-by-Step Website Building Service

*** Be sure to download ALL of the FREE training materials the
above web hosting/building services provides, including their

great videos - they have the VERY BEST resources available
of any similar service my 17 years of Internet research has found.

Once you have invested in your future by obtaining the appropriate
training course to the type of International Trade business you are
going to "GET REAL" about, your first step to project a more
professional image should be to have a "REAL" Email address and
not be using a FREE one.

Not only does having your own domain name email project a much
BETTER Internet persona but even more importantly, YOU control the
level of filtering and YOU get to see all emails that are filtered BEFORE
they are deleted.

Additionally, many business people have their email programs set up to
filter emails coming from Yahoo and Hotmail addresses either to their
BULK or SP*.AM folder or have them automatically deleted!

You can have your own domain name email accounts up to 10
accounts for a price of less than $20 to a max of $40 per year depending
upon the number of email addresses you feel you need and you can
always upgrade to the higher level is the lower is not enough.

This is should be the FIRST and is the simplest thing you can do to
build your reputation and show you are serious about being in business
and it only takes a few minutes to do - here is the service where I have
a domain specific email address set up - go check them out:

Get A Real (LOW COST) Email Address Service

Quite frankly, if you invest in training and will not invest in
upgrading your Internet personality, you need to GET REAL about your
Import Export business or get out of the way of those who are
serious about their success.

In reality, whether you are starting an international trade
business OR any business, you need a REAL email address - STOP
jeopardizing your success by being to cheap to invest a few
dollars a year to build your online reputation.


And if you are too lazy to take the SMALL action necessary to set up a
REAL email address, then you should forget about being in business
for yourself because you are simply TOO LAZY to GET REAL about being
in business for yourself.

Hope you find these posts helpful - your comments are always welcome.

Ron Coble
International Business Marketing Services

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Blogger Yulia said...

Great post! I have a question about gmail account though. why it's better then other free email providers??
I run an import/export company and look forward to your posts.
Check out my blog:

8:23 PM  
Blogger Ron Coble said...

In reply to the comment asking about why gmail email addresses are better: 1) Gmail has not been in existence as long as Yahoo and Hotmail and thus have not gained the level of spammers and scammers; 2) Gmail simply does not have the negatives built against it due to the factors outlined in one; 3) Gmail's filtering does not seem to be as restrictive as Yahoo or Hotmail - most emails with attachments or specific keywords, legitimate or not, are automatically filtered to spam in yahoo and hotmail, I have not found this level of restriction in gmail. Hope this helps explain better the reasons for 'getting real' about email for your business. Ron Coble

6:12 PM  
Blogger Yulia said...

Thanks for explanation. That's make sense.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous ernie said...

I read your blog and found it very informative and helpful to me .Thanks for such an effort

3:38 AM  

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