Wednesday, February 23, 2011

REAL USA Importers And Their Suppliers

Ever wonder if your suppliers are telling the truth about who their customers are in the U.S.?

Want to find out where your competitors source their products in China or anywhere else in the world?

Looking for a fast way to identify legitimate suppliers for virtually any product?

If you are a non-USA manufacturer/exporter you get immediate access to a database of REAL USA Importers revealed by this international trade service.

Their database contains genuine U.S. Customs records that reveal the truth about trading connections between American firms and their overseas suppliers. By indexing more than 50 million ocean freight shipping manifests, they have created a powerful competitive intelligence and supplier research tool that lets you:

  • Look up your suppliers to view their U.S. customer lists

  • Monitor competitors to see what they're importing and from who

  • Identify new sources for virtually any product

  • Find prospects to buy products and services based on their shipping activities

  • Find the importers of products you would like to sell and deal with them direct saving middleman markups

Your competitors are already accessing this data. Don't be left behind.

This is a REAL service with a REAL cost. Subscription plans begin at $99 USD a month and range higher based on the amount of usage your company may require. This is a service for SERIOUS international traders and trading companies only.

If you are interested in complete details, use either the contact link or the contact banner on the right side of this blog to contact us and BE SURE to tell us what you are inquiring about. Blank inquiries will be automatically deleted.

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