Sunday, March 20, 2011

Starting An Import Export Business Q&A


I have just read your "Due Diligence" resource and have found it enlightening and scary.

Based on that information, as a new business in this industry, I would fail just about every check. No longevity, no old web site, no established bank information, no BBB background information, no back links by reputable organizations.

How would I overcome this?



The sooner you get started the sooner you begin building those bits of reputation.

Understand that most manufacturers are not going to check you out using these
resources. These resources are made available primarily for anyone who is

entering into the international trade business through the purchase of one of
our courses.

The resources are meant for you to use in evaluating a potential manufacturer,

whether it is one based in the USA or in a foreign country. The resources are
also meant to help you evaluate and determine the viability of a potential
"buyer" or "importer" that you may bring to the table of a manufacturer.

Granted a manufacturer may "happen" upon our resources but it is "very"

doubtful considering the size and scope of the Internet.

The Due diligence resources are meant to help you build the reputation

you may not have in the beginning by being able to bring only viable
prospects to the table and not a bunch of sample seekers or importer
wannabees who will waste your time and that of your client which will
then set your reputation back.

But, getting back to the beginning, the sooner you get started, the sooner

you will have these resources which you can then refer someone to, if
they are interested in checking you out and are smart enough to have
found our website and resources.

Hope this answers your question?

Ron Coble

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