Thursday, June 30, 2011

Import Export Business News and Views

This blog has posts going back to February 2006 and contains many posts that are useful to you because most contain real world experience and actionable resources that will help you get started or expand your international business - be sure to visit the archived posts listed by Month/Year on the lower right side area of this blog and bookmark so you may easily return later.

First some Import Export Business News -

In the first eight months of fiscal year 2011, the Export-Import Bank approved $20.3 billion in financing for businesses of all sizes, which is a figure that is up from $16.3 billion over the same period last fiscal year. It also states that the US Export-Import Bank is on pace to back 5,000 new small-businesses exporters by 2015.

So I have to ask anyone reading this blog and hesitating on getting started in international trade, what is holding you back? International trade has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue to go on until the end of man's time on this Earth.

If you have been considering it, do yourself a favor, make a decision to get started or stop wasting your time and thought processes and move on. Really, what kind of kick in the ass does it take to get you to take action?? Anyway, here is the link to the article:

More Small Firms Exporting

Now onto some import export business views.

Many people email or call me about getting started in the import and export business. Most are just curiosity seekers who have nothing better to do with their time but ask the same questions over and over again that have been answered in this blog in the past 5 1/2 years.

Some get kinda pissed off when I tell them to go read the blog and the archived posts and then, if they have a question(s) that are not answered there to feel free to call or email me. Most are never heard from again?

Bottom line is this, most people are not cut out to be in this business or any business and if this blog or my attitude saves them from investing in a training course from us or other company, then my attitude and my blog has saved them a lot of money and wasted time. Right?

Let me share two recent examples.

One was from an African country that is known for being the biggest source of fraud in the world, most of you know which country without me naming it. Most inquiries I get have the sender's IP address included which allows me to see what country they sent it from and in most instances I delete these emails without bothering to respond (time is to valuable, sorry).

Anyway, this one in particular was well thought out, the English was very good and understandable so I decided to read and reply.

He basically asked about what the price was on our Import Export Training course and for me to send him a link to the 2nd free training lesson that is referenced on the web page about the course and he asked how he would receive the course materials once he purchased.

Here was my reply:

Dear Sir,

Please note that attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of
doing business internationally - you apparently have not read the entire web
page describing our course or you would have found both a link to the 2nd
lesson/resource and the price - suggest you revisit the web page and
read it in it's entirety - Start An Import Export Business

Course materials are made available via a password/userid member site.

His reply was such that he seemed a bit upset and asked if I was insinuating that he does not 'pay attention to detail'. I basically replied that he should take my email for what I have stated. Although his closing remarks were a bit more conciliatory, I knew that he would never order the course and quite frankly if he does not pay attention to the detail of a web page, then he most likely will not pay attention to the need to know information within the course.

The last example was a man who had called me many times over the course of the last year. Finally, in March or April of this year he called and wanted to order the training course.

I began to fill out an order form and the last thing on the form is the method of payment. He only had a Discover card. Now granted, our web page cited above does not have the types of cards accepted, our online order forms do so after nearly a year of inquiries you would think he would have looked at that but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and take some blame for not having it on the web page.

Now International trade requires that you be able to adapt and although he could not order at that time, he surely could have used his discover card to get a money order or cashier's check, if he were really ready for prime time, that is.

Here again was someone who was saved from ordering a course that he most likely would never have either read or followed through with had he read it. If that person is reading this, well that is simply how after 23 years of dealing with people internationally, I know who is ready for prime time and who isn't. If one small matter is going to throw you off your game like not having an acceptable credit card, well then what do you think would happen when you are dealing with a multi-million dollar or higher business?

So bottom line, ARE YOU READY FOR PRIME TIME? Attention to details and not letting the little stuff throw you off your game are extremely important for success in this business or any business!

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