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Just a friendly reminder - 5 1/2 years of archived posts in this blog are shown in the lower right of the sidebar area (scroll down to see them) - These posts contain IMPORTANT information you need to know - after reading this post/page, go visit the archives, bookmark the blog so you may easily return as more valuable and important events occur - real world information and REAL experiences are posted here, ignore them at your own peril.

This post is another in response to a comment (and follow up comment to my reply) that was left on a previous post - here is the original comment --

Ron, thank you for the time you have put into making this awfully informative blog. It has been a huge help to me in my pursuit of becoming a successful export agent. I have done my due diligence and have identified the two productss I want to export and the companies I want to help export. I have also identified the foreign companies who I know need and want the products I want to export. My question to you is "how do I present myself to these foreign companies introducing my self and purpose"? The method of contact will be email initially. Any advice on what to include in my first few emails? Thank you again for all your hard work. You have helped so much.

Initially I sent an email to the publisher of the Import Export training course we offer for some feedback on how he would answer this inquiry, the following is 'part' of his reply, I am not going to publish part of the information because it contains information that is included in the course and it would not be equitable to those who have paid to get it then see it freely published in this blog -

"This is an involved question and neither of us knows all the particulars. Is he selling one-sies or container loads? Has he prepared a pro forma invoice? How is he handling servicing? Is it even an issue with his product? How is he going to get paid? Without knowing any more, I would suggest he contact (portion redacted to ensure Import Export paid training customer value). He might be well advised to get our trade training materials so he doesn't come across as an amateur who will be dismissed out of hand."

I initially posted a short reply to the original comment as follows:

I will try to post a longer reply as a regular post to the blog shortly so be on the lookout. In the interim I must tell you that you need to read thru "all" the posts of this blog and most of your questions will be answered...if you do not find the answer the first time, read through them again...the arhcived posts are available by Month/Year links on the right side navigation area at the main blog page which you may find by clicking on the title then scroll down and look to the right side for all the dates going back to 2006.

To which the following was posted by the original commenter:

thanks for replying, I had a feeling you might have already posted the answer on your blog. However, its rather difficult going 5 years of posts.

Is there any search functionality for the blog? That would save a ton of time and make finding pertinent information so much easier for your readers.

to which I replied:

there is a search box in the upper left corner of the blog as provided by blogspot the blog platform provider. Also, quite frankly, I personally feel going through all the posts, with the exception of the announcement types that have become outdated, ALL the information I have posted should be viewed as worthwhile taking the time to read and digest otherwise I would not have taken the time to post it.

I apologize for the length of this post lead in but in order to better understand my overall reply you need to read the exchange completely.

Working backwards in the comments, I wish to emphasize again that if I post something on this blog, "I" view it as being important to anyone who is seriously interested in succeeding in the import export business. Yes, there are announcements that are now outdated that you may easily skim past but the blog is filled with "REAL WORLD" experiences.

My experiences and those of others I have talked or corresponded with in some way over the past 23 1/2 years and much of what I have posted here is really to help people save themselves "from themselves". There have been many people who try to enter this business without having some formal training only to get burnt severely which translates into $$$$ lost. These experiences are posted in this blog and if you are serious about this business, you need to read them and learn from them.

Reading the posts in this blog or other posts found in other blogs or websites does not make you a ready for prime time trader.

This blog will help those who are not ready for prime time by learning that if the blog is too much to take the time to read then you really should not bother purchasing any paid training because you will not commit the time and effort necessary to read and understand in that sense this blog is a public service, freely given of my life's valuable time.

Yes, I am a grumpy old man "sometimes", and quite frankly I sometimes feel my time would be better spent taking a nap than posting new information here since it seems to be ignored by those who need it the most.

Getting back to one of the original commenters questions regarding making initial contact with a potential buyer....the question refers to using "email".

This part of the comment, in and of itself, proved to me that the commenter had not read through my blog completely because had they done so, they would have found that in several posts I recommend against using email as a means of making initial contact with a buyer. In those posts I give the best methods that will bring success and not have your email summarily deleted along with what the receiver thinks is junk email.

Additionally, I provide a set of agreements, letter formats and other valuable bonus resources for people who purchase either the exporters master training package or the import export business toolkit. These are resources that I have used and continue to use in my business and which I will not share freely with the general public but only those who are committed enough to read the blog in it's entirety and who then purchase one of the courses mentioned above.

So the bottom line reply to the commenters question - "Any advice on what to include in my first few emails?" is don't use email to try to make initial contact - read why in this blog - then read the rest of the blog, then if you are serious about moving forward, get the export training course or import export training course, study it, and only then move forward with making contact with potential buyers and sellers.

For anyone reading this blog....please take the time to read past and present posts...they were made to 'hopefully' help you from making the mistakes others have made, including me. The blog is also what works and what doesn't, it is about current and past events in international trade, it contains links to resources and much, much more.

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