Monday, January 16, 2012

Import Export Business And Trade Will Survive The Demise Of The US Commerce Department

Thought I would make a quick post in reply to an anonymous inquiry posted as a comment to the post previous to this one.

The comment basically is the following with a link to an article on Yahoo news about the recent announcement of the possible demise of the US Department of Commerce:

Have a question. What do you think of this? The Department of Commerce coming to an end. I have a concern. How will this effect the Import/Export Trade business?

I wanted to reply in the form of a post -- basically I see no changes and if you read the article closely you will see that the responsibilities of the DOC will be roled into or combined with other departments with similar functions.

Of course there will the the usual bureaucratic overhaul of new phone numbers, new office addresses, etc., etc. but the overall functioning will still be there and the services they provide today will be provided then, but under a different office name.

My concern is that the comment poster would be so concerned as to how this change would affect the Import Export Business.

Importing and Exporting have been accomplished between men and women throughout the world since the beginning of time and in most instances it has achieved the goals of each of those participants without any outside assistance.

While the DOC is probably one of the most helpful govt agencies to businesses and business people, if it went out of business tomorrow, totally, international trade would still go on. There may be a hiccup, of course, because of some of the laws, regulations that they enforce but NO government agency is the be all to a successful business transaction.

Additionally, there are state agencies within each state in the union that work with importers and exporters so there is a great deal of redundancy.

I would say this to the person who posted the not let the government prevent you from your goals in business.  Move forward, do what YOU have to do and the business will has for eons and it will continue for eons whether the DOC or whatever other department name they come up with exists or goes out of existence.  Trade On! 

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Anonymous Magda said...

Dear sir
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Anonymous Pros and Cons for Freight Brokers said...

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