Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can U.S. Manufacturing Overcome The Chinese In World Markets?

These inquiries grew in number and it was learned that many of these companies decided to consider Mexico over China due to rising labor costs, ever increasing shipping costs, language barriers and lack of quality control.

As time passed the inquiries have lessened and based on my personal investment and business interest research it would seem that there is an emerging level of interest and profitability to 're-shore' manufacturing to the USA.

More evidence of this is described in an article that although it was first written in July 2012, it has just been re-posted in the ThomasNet.com e-newsletter received today - the article begins with the following -

Chinese companies have been taking larger shares of the global manufacturing market, outpacing many of their U.S. counterparts primarily due to lower operating expenses and favorable labor costs

Yet many of China’s advantages are eroding while U.S. manufacturing is becoming more competitive, meaning that the scales may soon tip in favor of American industry is titled - Can U.S. Manufacturing Outcompete China? 

If the US government can become more business friendly (if that is possible?) and realize that it is indeed "businesses" that create "REAL" jobs and not the government then we may actually see a resurgence in USA manufacturing in the years ahead.

In addition to the problems cited above that US manufacturers faced with Chinese manufacturing, there is now actually a surplus of cheap natural gas which will also help keep the cost of production down from US factories.

There is a definite trend here that should not be ignored by anyone involved in international trade or interested in entering this field of global business.  Assisting the new manufacturers and re-shored manufacturers in marketing their products to the world can potentially be a business that will be in demand - Soon!

Ron Coble
Coble International

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did You Get Your Share Of Record High Exports in September?

Did You Get Your Share Of The 'Record High Exports In September"?

Before beginning, remember that there are many gem posts archived in this blog dating back to 2006 when it started - just look for the archived months/years on the right side (you have to scroll down a bit to find them).

Overall, the deficit of goods and services is down from $43.8 billion (-$2.3 billion) in August (revised) to $41.5 billion in September. Specifically, exports increased from $181.4 billion (+$5.6 billion) in August (revised) to $187.0 billion in September. Imports went from $225.2 billion in August (revised) to $228.5 billion in September resulting in a +$3.4 billion increase.

For the rest of the story visit September 2012 - Record High U.S. Exports

A couple of things I would like to address with this post:

  1. Many people have asked about my imminent retirement or sale of the business - at this point I will most likely continuing posting to this blog as my time allows and as information worth posting becomes available - I try not to add new posts just for the sake of 'adding new posts'.

  2. Those who expressed a concern about my imminent retirement should not be concerned - I have posted and continue to 'try to post' the best of the best and most valuable information I can provide you or steer you towards in this blog.

  3. The numerous questions and answers that are posted within this blog are for you - take time to read them from the beginning (2006) and read forward - they will always be posted here (as long as I have any control over it).

  4. If you did not get your share of the "Record High Exports In September", then you need to go review the self-study, computer based Exporting Business Course today.
Remember that this exporting business training course provides you with training at all levels of the exporting business - from being an export agent/broker to the export management company level of the business.

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Hope the above will help anyone who has been concerned with whether I will be here or not when they get their training course, as I stated, the blog will "always" be here if I or a new owner has any say in the matter so take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that has been posted here and if you are sincerely interested in international trade, learn how to get started in the exporting business now - there has never been a better time.

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